Archive: 15 2013


Health Benefits of Solid Gold Pet Food

  You love your pets. When they are not healthy or feeling well, it affects your peace of mind. The good news is, you have the power to make choices to improve your pets health and well-being. Healthy pets start with a healthy diet. With Solid Gold natural pet food, supplements and treats, you can […]


Easy Homemade Dog Food Idea

Making home prepared food for your pet can be both healthy and fun! Home prepared food is likely to provide your pet with fresh ingredients and high moisture content ingredients; both of which provide valuable nutritients for your furry friend. For today’s recipe, I’ve simply combined some of my favorite pet food and pet supplements and […]


Vital Essentials New Product & Package Design

  Vital Essentials has created a product like no other, a raw diet comprised of 100% meat, organ meat, and bone. They call it the ALPHA diet, and it’s designed to give your pet the quality of nutrition that only the biggest, strongest, healthiest member of a pack would receive in the wild. Vital Essentials […]