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Easy Tip to Engage Your Facebook Community

Quick tip of the day Today we have a super simple & fun business tip for you! Your pet business is on Facebook, right? Because of recent Facebook algorithm changes, many of your fans are no longer able to see your content.                   Want a sure-fire way […]


Blogger Reviews: Solid Gold Jerky Treats

  This month, we launched our Blogger Review Team & we are so excited to share these great bloggers with you!   Each month, we will select one product & have our bloggers test it out and share the results with us and other pet lovers!   This month, we selected Solid Gold Jerky Treats. […]


Great Life Dog & Cat Food Reviews

  In February, we invited 70 of our customers to test out Great Life Dry Dog and Cat food with their pets for 30 days & get back to us with their reviews!   We got such a great response; we wanted to share with you!   Great Life is a holistic kibble brand for […]


Microchipping Your Pet & How It Works

  For today’s installment of ‘holistic pet living,’ we are talking about microchips. We will answer all of your questions and also talk about a few other ways to help reunite lost pets with their families.   Whether you have lived with pets all your life or a new pet owner, microchipping my be a […]


New Tasman’s Natural Pet Treats

Last week, we shared the new Bison Marrow Bones from Tasman’s Natural Pet; you can read that post here. This week, we are back, sharing  new treats from Tasman’s. They are a family owned company in Louisville, Kentucky. Tasman’s avoids antibiotics, added hormones, artificial preservatives, added sugars and glycerin in all of their treats. They […]


Northland Pet Staff Favorites: Things We Love

  Here at Solid Gold Northland Headquarters, we spend a lot of time talking about animals. We share stories of our pets, we talk about ingredients and great products and are always ‘in the know’ about current pet-related events. We thought, that once a month, we would bring you a non-pet related post about US! […]


4 Ways to Get Involved in Local Pet Rescue

  While many of the team members at Solid Gold Northland have adopted dogs and cats, and strongly advocate for pet rescue, the truth is, not everybody is in a place where they can adopt a pet.   Even if you aren’t ready to adopt or bring another pet into your family, there are so […]


A Natural Remedy: Coconut Oil for Dogs & Cats

  Do you have a jar of coconut oil in your pantry? If you do, I am sure you are well aware of the many, many uses it holds. Not only will coconut oil flavor your food, keep your hair clean & be used as a body scrub {I mix it with sugar}; but coconut […]


Tasman’s Bison Marrow Bones for Dogs

  Sourced & Grazed in the U.S.A. New from Tasman’s Natural Pet: Cured Bison Marrow Bones for dogs! Tasman’s is a family owned company in Louisville, Kentucky. Since 1947, they have been an industry leader in leather production. Strong believers in using the ‘whole animal,’ Tasman’s has been using bison hides to create rawhide dog […]


Round-Up: Pet News From Around The Web

  The Monthly News Round Up will be a monthly feature here on the Northland Pet blog. Each month, we will create a list of fun links, inspiring videos and important news surrounding the pet community. Below is our first installment! Enjoy!   1) We love this video and the story behind it! An urban […]