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Pet Food: Is Bison A Good Choice?

  Today I am sharing this great chart I found.  I wanted to take a closer look at the Naturally Awesome Pet Products from Tasman’s Natural Pet, who specializes in the use of bison meat. Here’s what I found-   Bison are truly natural animals, raised sustainably and humanely without antibiotics and growth hormones. While […]


Pet Food: The Freeze-dried Advantage

The Difference Between a Clothes Dryer and a Freeze Dryer…..   We’re all familiar with how a clothes dryer works….tumbling, heat and air circulation all combine to quickly dry clothes.   Freeze drying is a very different process that removes moisture without the high temperatures found in a clothes dryer.  Why freeze dry products?  The […]

Pet Food: Organic, Natural or Holistic?

  Most consumers would be surprised to learn that when it comes to pet food, a truly clear cut definition exists for using only one of the three terms Organic, Holistic and Natural.  Care to guess which one?   If you guessed organic, you are correct.  Organic in relation to labeling is clearly defined by […]


Shag-a-delic Pet Food?

By Ken Wilks One of my favorite fictional characters is Austin Powers.  In his third movie, he time-traveled forward to the 1970s to battle Dr. Evil and once again save us all.   When Austin Powers stepped out of the time machine, he discovered a world seemingly filled with shag carpet, mirror tiles, peace signs and […]


Can Dogs and Cats get Human Diseases?

  The transmission of disease between humans and pets is very rare.  For example, we don’t see our pets catch the same cold that we do.  In fact, when was the last time you went to the doctor to be treated for canine distemper? It is however, true that pets are increasingly sharing diet-related diseases […]