7 Solutions for Digestive Issues

Upset stomachs and digestive disturbances are no fun, while sometimes serious enough for a vet visit when it’s a simple fix we love these natural solutions:

(in no particular order)

1. Pet Kelp Probiotic & Feline

  • WHAT: Powder superfood supplement for dogs & cats
  • WHY: Supports digestive health & overall wellness
  • ALSO: Provides beneficial bacteria, essential vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients
  • AND: Featuring kelp, flaxseed + probiotics
  • HOW: Mix with food, give daily
  • WHSL:  8 oz resealable packages, 6/case (dog) | 6 oz resealable  packages, 6/case (cat)

2. Steve’s Real Food Carnaforage

  • WHAT: Dehydrated superfood enhancer for dogs & cats
  • WHY: Helps with digestive issues, IBS, IBD, UTI’s & weakened liver function
  • ALSO: Featuring targeted herbal cocktail for specialized support
  • AND: With spirulina, dandelion leaves & milk thistle for detoxification & anti-inflammatory benefits
  • HOW: Re-hydrate; serve as a meal alternative, meal topper or treat
  • WHSL: 1.6 oz resealable  bottle 6/case, resealable  refill 8 oz 6/case

7 Solutions Digestion-20

3. Solid Gold D-Zyme

  • WHAT: Powder & chews for dogs & cats
  • WHY: Supports healthy digestion for dogs & cats
  • ALSO: Contains a powerful combination of natural digestive enzymes
  • AND: Featuring pineapple, basil & sage (powder) or papaya, basil & sage (chews)
  • HOW: Mix with food or include at mealtime – Give with every meal
  • WHSL: 6 oz container (powder), 12/case | 120 ct container (chews), 12/case

4. Farmina N&D Digestion Formula

  • WHAT: Dry & wet foods for dogs & cats
  • WHY: A highly digestible formula for bowel health
  • ALSO: Quinoa promotes digestion, nutrient absorption & intestinal health
  • AND: Featuring fennel, mint, and artichoke to stimulate, enhance & ease digestion
  • HOW: Serve as a complete meal, feed Digestion formula exclusively
  • WHSL: 5.5 lb, 4/case & 15 lb bags (dog) | 3.3 lb bags, 8/case (cat) | 4.9 & 10.5 oz cans, 6/case (dog) | 2.8 oz cans, 12/case (cat)

5. Super Snouts G.I. Balance

  • WHAT: Powder for dogs & cats
  • WHY: Promotes healthy stool consistency
  • ALSO: Effective on gas & soothes upset tummies (fennel & ginger)
  • AND: Added prebiotics support natural intestinal flora
  • HOW: Give 1x daily for maintenance or 1x daily as needed
  • WHSL: 3.5 oz. jar 12/case

6. Diggin Your Dog FiRM UP! & FiRM UP! + Cranberry

  • WHAT: Powder for dogs & cats
  • WHY: Fiber prevents diarrhea & constipation
  • ALSO: Promotes stool consistency & regularity
  • AND: Available with cranberry for bowel + urinary health
  • HOW: Give daily for maintenance or as needed
  • WHSL: 1 oz, 4 oz & 1 lb resealable pouches (FiRMUP), 36, 24 & 12/case. | 4 oz. re-seal-able pouches (FiRMUP+Cranberry) 24/case

7. Solid Gold Green Cow

  • WHAT: Canned tripe entrée for dogs
  • WHY: Highly digestible & ideal for sensitive tummies
  • ALSO: With essential digestive enzymes & natural gastric juices
  • AND: Provides valuable vitamins, minerals & healthy fats
  • HOW: Serve as a complete meal or meal topper
  • WHSL: 13.2 oz can 6 case

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