Farmina Natural & Delicious Delivers New Dry Food for Dogs!

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The Italian made high meat content maverick is bringing another great product to U.S. stores. Natural & Delicious (N&D) Pumpkin Grain & Potato Free food for dogs.

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Arriving in stores September 2016- This new grain free pumpkin infused food perfectly rounds out Farmina’s fantastic dry food offerings. N&D Pumpkin Formula is a smart solution for dogs with digestive sensitivities.


5 Pumpkin formulas are available: Lamb & Blueberry, Chicken & Pomegranate, Codfish & Orange, Boar & Apple, Lamb & Blueberry for puppies.





5 Fabulous Features

  • Nitrogen filled bags for superior freshness.
  • Contains a minimum of 90% protein from animal sources
    • Hypoallergenic; grain, GMO, gluten & potato free
  • Pumpkin is an excellent source of micro-nutrients and fiber
  • Suitable for all life stages and sizes



N&D Pumpkin is available in a medium size kibble in 5.5 & 24.4 pound bags.  The Farmina Pumpkin line will be sold through specialty and independent retailers.  No online retailers.

This is a wonderful new addition to the Natural & Delicious family. Dogs & Cats alike love the taste of N&D foods designed for carnivores. We think the pumpkin will be a hit and we’re exited to feed it to our own dogs!


Farmina Natural & Delicious is an Italian product designed and developed to be naturally appropriate to the metabolism and to the palatability of dogs and cats. Provides quality and formulas to promote a healthy pet and prevent dis-ease, such as obesity and diabetes.


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