Free Pet Food Deal For Minneapolis Residents

Sweet Deal

Minneapolis Animal Care & Control (MACC), Sidewalk Dog and Solid Gold Northland Health Products for Pets have a sweet deal for Minneapolis Pet Owners.

Let’s start with the free food, since that is the headline I used to get you this far. Solid Gold Northland will give you two(2) wallet size cards for-

The cards can be redeemed at any of our retail partners throughout the Twin Cities.


How do you get these cards?

Visit our friends, the local resource for all things dogs in the Twin Cities, and purchase a Minneapolis Pet License for your pet(s) right online. Not only will you now have a legal pet and the healthy free goods from Solid Gold, you will also receive some cool goods from Subaru and Metro dogs!


Why License Your Minneapolis Pet?

It’s the law for dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits. (Minneapolis Ordinance 64.10 and 65.10)

It’s a free ride home. If your licensed pet is found in Minneapolis, it will get a ride home instead of to the Animal Shelter.

Your pet is more likely to get back home. Licensed pets are three times more likely than unlicensed pets to go home again.

Prompt medical attention. If you pet is found injured, it will get medical care right away.

It helps other pets. Your pet’s license helps Minneapolis Animal Care & Control

  • Shelter and feed lost dogs and cats and find them new homes
  • Educate the public about responsible pet ownership
  • Reunite lost dogs and cats with their owners

If you have Questions about licensing your pet contact Minneapolis Animal Care & Control.


Are you an eternal pet lover?

You may like to know a few opportunities available at Minneapolis Animal Care & Control.

Volunteer – Volunteer to help walk dogs, cuddle the cats, or be part of the PAW PATROL.

Adoption– Adopt a pet from MACC

Foster – Contact a Rescue Group on the list and be a foster home for a pet waiting for a furever home.


Lastly, I am looking for Minneapolis Animal Care & Control to become a No-Kill Shelter. If this is important to you as well,  kindly let MACC know.


Thank you for reading,


Dawn Peterson Cobb


We are happy to offer our assistance, please contact us if you have any additional questions.

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