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“NO Itching!”

Dawn F- Minneapolis Dogs: 5

Name of Product: Great Life Performance Pet Food-Buffalo

2 Features: One protein, Grain Free

2 Benefits: My dog loves it and she is not scratching

Con: none

Review: Not only is my girl with allergies eating and loving this food, she is not itching. I am so happy we were able to try this. She looks good, she is at a good weight and she has no signs of allergies. Thank you Great Life.

Recommended for: All dogs, Pet with allergies


‘My Finicky Dogs LOVED it!”

Francis M -Hastings, MN Dogs: 9

Name of Product: GREAT LIFE Dog Food

2 Features: Fresh Meat and Freeze Dried Raw Ingredients

2 Benefits: Picky Dogs Love this. Love that Pre & probiotics are in the ingredients.

Con: I Couldn’t find Any reason I wouldn’t continue to feed this great food to my dogs. Young and old.

Review: I have 9 dogs AND 4 Puppies and they All love Great Life! It is a great size kibble for the babies and they did Fabulous on this food. Freeze dried Raw Greens, Fruits and Vegetables; a food for all stages of life. No gas or loose stools when I rotated this food into their diet, they all were thrilled with their new meal. :) This food tasted great and I could use it as a training treat too.

Recommended for: All dogs


“Great company philosophy in action”

Nancy B. Minneapolis, MN Dogs: 4 Cats: 1

Name of Product: Great Life Dog Food

2 Features: No GMOs, no cheap fillers

2 Benefits: Good nutrition, great taste

Con: none

Review: I’m rather particular about what I feed my dogs and am careful to check the ingredients in their food. The first Great Life dog variety I tried was ”Chicken, Grain & Potato Free”. It’s good to know that the number one ingredient is real meat, that there are no GMOs, and that the ingredients are U.S. sourced. While there’s a long list of ingredients on the label, it’s worth reading through to see the effort put into making a great product with beneficial ingredients. I’m happy I can get a product without grain AND without potato.

Recommended for: All dogs


“What a difference!”

Rachel J-Minneapolis, MN Dogs: 1

Name of Product: Great Life Performance Pet Food, bison

2 Features: Healthy ingredients, perfect sized kibble

2 Benefits: Dog loved the taste and she had predictable and healthy solid stools, no need to wipe her after each poop

Con: Expensive

Review: This food was great and our sensitive bulldog transitioned immediately. She loved the flavor and the smaller more nutrient dense portion size worked out great. One thing with our English bulldog is that she’s got some digestion issues and sometimes we have to give her a bit of yogurt with her normal food to help move things along and make them less messy. Not with this food! Within a few days she was predictable after each meal and there was no wipes needed. Her stools were solid and healthy and she had more energy. Overall great product!

Recommended for: Pet with allergies, Pet with digestive trouble, Overweight Pet, Senior, Finicky Eaters


“Really Healthy Nutrients”

Lori A. -Minneapolis, MN Dogs: 1 Cats: 3

Name of Product: Great Life for cats

2 Features: no white rice or potatoes, fatty acids

2 Benefits: makes their coats shiny, easy to serve form of raw food

Con: can’t think of one

Review: I am very happy feeding my young cats high quality food like Great Life knowing that it will ensure they’ll have better health for a longer time as they age.

Recommend for: All cats, Pet with allergies, Pet with digestive trouble, Overweight Pet, Senior, Finicky Eaters


“An Acquired Taste”

Jennifer M.-Minneapolis, MN Cats: 2

Name of Product: Great Life Performance Pet Food

2 Features: Probiotics combined with the food, made in U.S.

2 Benefits: A little bit of the dry kibble goes a long way, easily digestible

Con: Don’t know what the cost per bag is so can’t comment on price. High calorie content per cup of food but fortunately my cats do not eat as much of it throughout the day as some other dry foods they have had.

Review: My two cats were slow to warm up to this food. For the first two days I gave it to them they meowed and sat by their dishes as if they were complaining. In time they began to eat it without any complaints and they tend to eat it more slowly throughout the day which is good as one of my cats is prone to overeating and subsequent weight gain if the food is too high calorie. This same cat has a sensitive digestive tract and this food did not cause any issues for him. I think all in all this is a well rounded food, also because it has probiotics mixed in. I will likely buy this food in the future depending on the cost and rotate it with some other dry food, such as the Solid Gold Katz-n-Flocken that my boys love.

Recommend for: All Cats


“Raced to the food bowl”

Susan B- Minneapolis MN Dogs: 5 Cats: 1

Name of Product: Great Life Dog Food

2 Features: no soy, wheat or corn

2 Benefits: smaller kibble & the dogs really like

Con: Not too many cons. My dogs do like it, it is a bit cost prohibitive for me to feed everyday when owning more than 2 dogs. I think the smell of the food is not as good as some other brands but my dogs liked it.
My cat did not like the great life cat food chicken flavor.

Review: I decided to do a taste test with a couple of my picky eaters. I put a small amount of great life in one bowl and a small amount of blue buffalo in another bowl they went back and forth from bowl to bowl giving both foods equal weight. But at another time I put Great Life and Taste of the wild doing same scenario and the great life went first.

Recommend for: All Dogs


 “High quality ingredients”

Lori A. -Minneapolis, MN-Dogs: 1 Cats: 3

Name of Product: Great Life for Dogs

2 Features: Active enzymes and probiotics

2 Benefits: easily digestible and single source protein

Con: Not really

Review: I love the fact that it doesn’t have fillers like white rice or potatoes and that my dog gets high quality nutrition. It’s also manufactured in the U.S. and has no GMOs!

Recommend for: All Dogs, Pet with allergies, Pet with digestive trouble, Overweight Pet, Senior, Finicky Eaters


“A Happy Tummy!”

Jenny M. – Minneapolis, MN Dogs: 1

Name of Product: Great Life Performance Pet Food – Lamb

2 Features: Chicken and Gluten Free

2 Benefits: Good skin and no gas

Con: N/A

Review: My dog LOVES this food! We have had many allergy issues and have never really found a food that didn’t affect her negatively in some form.
A week into this food, I noticed she had little to no gas. She was not itchy or scratching any place on her body. And her stools had become solid and less frequent (her body was absorbing the nutrients!).
I am very happy with this product and plan to change her over to this indefinitely.

Recommended for: Pet with allergies, Pet with digestive trouble


“Good Healthy Food”

Barb G. -Minneapolis, MN Dogs: 2

Name of Product: Great Life Performance Pet Food

2 Features: No grains, healthy

2 Benefits: Firm stools, looks for more

Con: none

Review: I can’t really tell you about the cat food because my cat died on 2/7 so he did not really have a chance to test the food. I gave it to a friend who has several cats and does cat rescue. I like the dog food because it doesn’t contain grain or unhealthy ingredients.

Recommended for: All dogs


“Liked the food!”

Julia W-New Brighton,MN Dogs: 1

Web URL:

Name of Product: Great Life Dry Holistic Dog Food

2 Features: probiotics/prebiotics

2 Benefits: likes the taste–easy to digest

Con: none found so far….

Review: I have an 8 pound 2 year old Pomeranian. Early on in her life when changing food brands at any time she would have issues with not being able to digest the food well and use the bathroom. She seemed to strain and have tummy trouble. (her stomach would be rock hard and her behavior changed–she became fussy and agitated) I was concerned this weekend about making the change. She did great! She enjoyed the food and will continue to. We mixed both the lamb and salmon to give her a variety of taste. Normally if she didn’t like something she would pick out certain pieces. She ate it all. When it was time to use the bathroom she did well and had no problems of any kind.

Recommended for: Pet with allergies, Pet with digestive trouble, Finicky Eaters


“She danced for it!”

Katie P -Eagan, MN Dogs: 1 Cats: 13

Name of Product: Great Life Dog Food (Lamb)

2 Features: healthy ingredients, single protein

2 Benefits: my dog loved the taste, it smells nice

Con: I looked on the Great Life web site just to see how much it cost and it’s a little too expensive to feed as a daily food but I would mix it into the other food.
The kibble pieces are a little small, my dog is large and I think that slightly larger pieces would help her to slow down while she is eating.

Review: I gave my dog a little of the food alone, just to see how she would react and she loved it. She almost knocked me over to get the food and she kind of dances when I get it out for her at meal time. I love that she is excited about the food that I give her.

Recommended for: All dogs


“Loved it!”

Betty P -Circle Pines, MN Dogs: 2 Cats: 1

Name of Product: Great Life Dog Food

2 Features: No bad odor & nice sized chunks

2 Benefits: Dogs both loved it. Food changeover went well

Con: None

Review: Both dogs picked these pieces out first to eat & were excited every time I opened the bag.

Recommended for: All dogs


“Another great Northland product!”

Desiree L. -Bloomington, MN Dogs: 7-10 (depends on how many fosters I have)Cats: 2-4 (depends on fosters)

Name of Product: Great Life Pet Food

2 Features: High quality & good kibble size

2 Benefits: Flavorful and easy to feed

Con: It was not fully grain free. I feed an all grain free diet due to sensitive’s and allergies my dogs have to corn and rice. I also am a firm believer that grains are not needed in a dogs diet and I do not like offering a grainy food to them.

Staff comment: Great Life is available for dogs, in 3 grain-free formulas and 4 formulas with grain.  All Great Life Canned food for dogs and cat is grain-free, as is all Great Life  Dry Cat Food.

Review: I did feed the food to a foster dog I have currently who was already on a similarly formulated food and she transitioned easily. She ate the Great Life just fine and her coat is very soft and shiny.

Recommended for: Finicky Eaters


“Best When Mixed In”

Melissa C. -Minneapolis MN Dogs: 1 Cats: 1

Name of Product: Great Life Nutri-Coat Holistic Kibble

2 Features: grain & potato free, veggies

2 Benefits: low Glycemic index, lots of vitamins & minerals

Con: none

Review: It’s a great product for mixing in with other kibble, especially if you’re trying to slim down your dog or dealing with diabetes. My dog is not interested in it if it is served on its own, but he’ll eat it if it’s mixed in with other kibbles.

Recommended for: Overweight Pet


“Really likes this food!”

Janet H- Minneapolis, MN Dogs: 1 Cats: 1

Name of Product: Great Life Pet Food, Dog, Bison

2 Features: Made in the USA, holistic

2 Benefits: I like the size of the kibble and my dog seems to have more energy after eating this food


Review: This dog food is really great. The quality is very high and my dog loves the taste of the food. I was actually able to cut back a bit on the amount I fed her b/c the quality of it is so good.

Recommended for: All dogs


“Love the concept of this food”

Nancy B- Minneapolis Dogs: 4 Cats: 1

Name of Product: Great Life Cat Food

2 Features: High quality ingredients & the special coating

2 Benefits: Good nutrition (no junk) & U.S. ingredients

Con: none

Review: I’m really quite impressed with the concept of this food. It starts with high quality ingredients (real meat, not just meal) and then adds the special ’raw’ coating. I like how the producer is trying to accommodate the raw food enthusiasts yet provide the convenience of kibble. My cat agrees with the label: ”Cats love the taste.”

Recommended for: All cats


“Split decision”

Katie P – Eagan, MN Dogs: 1 Cats: 13

Name of Product: Great Life cat food

2 Features: No grain, Meat first ingredient

2 Benefits: the bag is sealed really well to protect freshness, the food smells good

Con: none

Review: I tried both the Chicken and the Salmon formula and for those cats that were eating it the Salmon formula went over way better than the Chicken. I have several (4) that liked the salmon at first try and ate it fine. I mixed it into the food that I am feeding now and I have cats that will eat the mix just fine but there is a couple that just eat around the Great Life. I pick up the bowls and the only food left is the Great Life, they have eaten everything else. Because of that, since the cat that is eating around the food is my alpha and decider, I probably wouldn’t buy this for my family.

Recommended for: All cats


” Great Life is Great Food!”

Jade F- St Paul, MN Dogs: 2 Cats: 2

Name of Product: Great Life Holistic Kibble for dogs

2 Features: No GMOs, and healthy, fresh, meat.

2 Benefits: My dog loves the taste of this dry kibble. No GMOs makes me feel even better when feeding it to him.

Con: None

Review: Great Life was an instant hit with my beagle spaniel mix. We transitioned him into this food, but it was honestly a pretty quick transition…he licked the bowl clean right away. This food required no wet food mixed into it, as he ate it right up by itself. The kibble size is nice and small, my 2nd dog has trouble eating some kibble that is a bigger size.

Recommend for: All dogs


“Dogs loved It!”

Melissa A -Robbinsdale, MN Dogs: 2

Name of Product: Great Life Dog Food – Grain and Potato Free Chicken

2 Features: Grain and Potato Free, For All Life Stages

2 Benefits: Great ingredients (fruits and veggies), Contains probiotics and salmon oil for gut health and shiny coats

Con: none

Review: Our dogs LOVED this food. Our female is a senior with a picky palate and sensitive tummy. We feed our dogs in the early AM and around 6 PM daily. Normally, in the morning, she only eats the small amount of wet food or yogurt that we put on top, but with this food, she ate the kibble, too. Our male normally eats very little in the AM also was eating his kibble. I also like that when I read the ingredient list, I understand it. This food has real chicken, as well as fruits and vegetables for them, as well as salmon oil. Plus, this food is made AND sourced in the USA.

Recommend for: Pet with allergies, Pet with digestive trouble, Senior, Finicky Eaters


“So tasty the dog will work for it!”

Jill L- St. Paul MN Dogs: 1 Cats: 2

Name of Product: Great Life dog food, lamb

2 Features: Small size, healthy ingredients

2 Benefits: Great taste, probiotics

Con: none

Review: My dog really liked this food, we even used it to train and in feeder toys. She easily transitioned to it. Amazing ingredients make it a great product!

Recommend for: Pet with allergies, Pet with digestive trouble, Finicky Eaters


“Another big hit with Kayleigh!”

Jill L – St. Paul MN Dogs: 1 Cats: 2

Name of Product: Great Life free range chicken cat food

2 Features: Healthy ingredients, grain free

2 Benefits: Good taste, smaller kibble

Con:  none

Review: I have two cats at home. Kayleigh loved this food and quickly gobbled it up. Nelly would eat about half and then leave the rest. They both tolerated this food well. The ingredients list is amazing!

Recommend for: Pet with allergies, Pet with digestive trouble


“Licked Bowl Clean”

Dana N – Rosemount, MN Dogs: 5 Cats: 2

Name of Product: Great Life Performance Pet Foods

2 Features: Health Ingredients, Coated in Freeze-Dried Raw Ingredients

2 Benefits: Dogs and Cats Loved the Taste and Worked with Older, Finicky Eaters

Con: This is expensive to feed but could be done on a rotation schedule

Review: My dogs and cats did wonderful on this food – no one turned their nose up to it!

Recommend for: All, Pet with allergies, Pet with digestive trouble, Senior, Finicky Eaters


“Mercy loved this food, I would recommend it.”

Katherine K -Minneapolis, MN Dogs: 1

Name of Product: Great Life chicken

2 Features: Low Glycemic index. Nutritious fruits and vegetables

2 Benefits: Lasted longer than other brands of the same quantity. Dog was more excited to eat it.

Con: none

Review: So glad I tried this product.

Recommend for: Pet with digestive trouble, Overweight Pet, Senior, Finicky Eaters


“Hey Mickey, she likes it!!!”

Carley R -Saint Paul, MN Dogs: 3

Name of Product: Great Life Dog Food – Buffalo

2 Features: Holistic and buffalo

2 Benefits: Can be eaten by all my dogs, maximum digestibility

Con: Bag of food lasted less than a week with all my dogs eating it.

Review: My picky dog ate this food after snubbing her last dog food I bought for her. It would be nice only having to buy one kind of dog food as opposed to two (one for my schnauzer and pit bull and a large breed dog food for my puppy mastiff)

Recommend for: Pet with allergies, Pet with digestive trouble, Finicky Eaters


“Mmmmm Buffalo”

Marie M- Minneapolis, MN Dogs: 2

Name of Product: Great Life Performance Pet Foods

2 Features: Yummy Freeze Dried Nuggets & balanced food

2 Benefits: Tasty fresh ingredients & enjoyable flavor

Con: none

Review: Both dogs thoroughly enjoyed the Buffalo kibble… so much so that I used it as a little extra treat to put in their buster cubes and kong wobblers and they gobbled it up.

Recommend for: All Dogs

“Great Product”

Terri Ann L – St. Paul, MN Cats: 2

Name of Product: Great Life Dry Cat Food

2 Features: Healthy ingredients, like how product is made

2 Benefits: cats love the taste, coats look good

Con: Cats had never eaten round food. They had to learn how to eat. There were no ”little arms” to grab on to.

Review: Really like this company, Great Life. Everything about them. The ingredients, the manufacturing process and the care they have put into creating a great food.
Will definitely be buying again

Recommend for: All Cats


“Cats Really Liked Great Life…”

Vickie L – St Paul, MN Cats: 12

Name of Product: Great Life Salmon and Great Life Chicken

2 Features: no grain, fur/coat shiny

2 Benefits: ate less, seemed satisfied quicker

Con: none, they loved both the salmon and the chicken equally

Review: I would switch off/rotate/as directions said, so they would get Great Life Salmon then Great Life Chicken the next day. They ate equally as well both of them and did not have a favorite. They seemed like they got full quicker and seemed content and satisfied after their meal of Great Life. I like it was made in the US and that it is for all stages/ages of cats. I think it was quite appealing for them and they enjoyed every last kernel!

Recommend for: All Cats


“Nice product”

Wendy G. – Minneapolis, MN Dogs: 2

Name of Product: Great Life Dry (For Dogs)

2 Features: Sourced and made in the USA. Nutra-coat.

2 Benefits: Probiotics and made in the USA

Con: Kibble is too small for my breed of dogs.

Review: This is a nice product and both my dogs liked it. I probably will not continue to use it as the kibble is way too small. One of my dogs is a gobbler and I was concerned she would choke on the tiny pieces. I like the idea of coating the kibble with the nutri-coat.

Recommend for: All dogs


”Yum” Meow”

Anita M -St. Paul Dogs: 1 Cats: 4

Name of Product: Great Life Cat food

2 Features: High quality protein w/no grains or fillers

2 Benefits: Cats like the taste and coats seem healthier.

Con: Expensive to feed as only food with four adult cats. Even though cats eat less of it because of food’s digestibility, would need to mix it in with their regular food.

Review: This is a quality food which is highly digestible and taste of the food must be good because all 4 cats ate it well. They didn’t eat as much kibble to satisfy their hunger. Less feces in the litter pans.

Recommend for: All Cats


“Unique formula, licked bowl clean”

Janine F – Maplewood, MN  Dogs: 1 Cats: 6

Name of Product: Great Life Dry Cat Food – chicken

2 Features: No soy, wheat or corn; healthy ingredients

2 Benefits: Shiny coat, small stool

Con: Only one: it took a while for the cats to adjust to the flavor

Review: I like the small kibble size. Since I feed my cats raw, I used it as a treat and made it a game for them. It would draw out the shy ones for a while to make it easier to socialize them.

Recommend for: All Cats


“Gobbled it up”

Janine F- Maplewood, MN Dogs: 1 Cats: 6

Name of Product: Great Life Dog Food – salmon

2 Features: Healthy ingredients, unique formula

2 Benefits: Soft to pet (soft body), smaller stool

Con: No cons

Review: My dog Mitzy liked it from the beginning. I noticed that since she was overweight, I fed her the recommended amount and she lost weight. She had more energy and smaller stools.

Recommend for: All Dogs, Overweight Pet, Senior


“Very healthy”

Sandra I -Brooklyn Center, MN Cats: 3

Name of Product: Great Life Performance Pet Food – Chicken

2 Features: Like that it has no fillers like potatoes and is grain free

2 Benefits: This is an easy way to feed raw without having to be SO careful and they all ate it with gusto.

Con: Don’t think there is any down side to this food.

Review: My 3 cats all seemed to enjoy this food. I love that it is so healthy for them. The fact that it is made in America is a big plus. I feel much safer feeding this to them as there have been so many recalls on pet food in the past. Having so many nutritious ingredients and the added antioxidants and probiotics spells quality which I always look for in cat food.

Recommend for: All Cats, Pet with allergies, Pet with digestive trouble, Overweight Pet, Senior, Finicky Eaters


“Something new”

Charlene G -Minneapolis, MN Dogs: 1

Name of Product: Great Life Dog Food

2 Features: Rich with antioxidants and vitamins

2 Benefits: Maximum digestibility and great pebble size

Con: none

Review: Great transition from his ordinary food he was able to eat without getting the runs and it’s priced a little less expensive than his usual food which is a plus. Great for picky dogs or dogs with sensitive stomachs

Recommend for: All Dogs