Introducing Kin+Kind

We’re pleased to supply a new collection of grooming & wellness products for dogs & cats from family-run brand Kin+Kind.


KIN+KIND Product Sets-11

Brand Highlights:

  • Dedicated pet specialty line
  • Family-run company
  • Earth focused, pet-focused, ingredient-focused

Product Highlights:

  • Organic ingredients & essential oils
  • Tackle hot-spots & skin allergies
  • CBD products
  • Odor neutralizers
  • Flea, tick & skunk off
  • Functional Shampoos
  • Raw-food Supplements
  • Hand-mixed in the USA
  • Simple – Effective – Natural

KIN+KIND Product Sets-01

Kin+Kind Products:

  • Functional Shampoos (Pet Specialty Only)

  • Organic soap, essential oils, premium ingredients
    • Argan Repair
    • Healing Clay
    • Medicated
    • Charcoal
    • Oatmeal
    • Moisturizing conditioner

KIN+KIND Product Sets-02

  • Kin Organics Shampoos

  • Organic soap, value oils
    • Jasmine+Lily
    • Fig+Cedar
    • Calming Rose
    • Scent Free Oatmeal
    • Rose+Clove

KIN+KIND Product Sets-03

  • Waterless Bath Products

  • Rinse free waterless foam
  • Cleanse & moisturize
    • Sweet Cedar
    • Earth & Spice
    • Lavender Calm
  • Flea, Tick, and Skunk Products

KIN+KIND Product Sets-04

  • Organic neem, cedarwood, peppermint & lavender (pest)
  • Charcoal shampoo for odor relief
    • Flea & Tick Shampoo
    • Flea & Tick Spray
    • Skunk Off Shampoo
  • Skin Solutions

KIN+KIND Product Sets-05

  • Simple ingredients soothe, cleanse & protect
  • With organic aloe
    • Clean Ears
    • Hot Spot Relief Stick
    • Nose & Paw Moisturizer Stick

KIN+KIND Product Sets-08

  • CBD Products

  • THC free
    • Lavender Calm CBD Foam
    • Bergamot Lime CBD Foam
    • CBD Pet Balm
  • Supplements

KIN+KIND Product Sets-09

  • Raw targeted superfoods
  • With organic coconut
    • Hip & Joint
    • Raw VitaBoost
    • Pumpkin Fiber
    • Raw BerryBoost
    • Raw Coconut Oil

KIN+KIND Product Sets-06

  • Odor Relief

  • Deodorizing sprays with essential oils
  • For pets, furniture & linens
    • Bergamot Lime
    • Charcoal
    • Lavender Calm

KIN+KIND Product Sets-07

  • Pet safe, plant-based candles
    • Calming Rose candle
    • Jasmine+Lily candle
    • Sweet Basil candle
    • Fig+Cedar candle


Several ISO options are available at Northland. We welcome your questions to determine how these refreshing new products might be a good fit for your store.


Kin+Kind was first developed to combat skin allergies & conditions that couldn’t be resolved with diet alone. The collection now includes grooming and wellness products that improve health in all aspects. With organic, plant-based ingredients that cleanse, nourish & improve skin & coat health from the outside and organic superfoods to boost health from the inside. This ingredient-focused brand is tackling gaps in animal wellness with simple, effective & natural products.

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