Missing Link Once Daily Dental Chew Petite/XS


Missing Link recently introduced Once Daily, a multi-function daily dental chew for dogs. Expanding on their L/XL and S/M sizes they’ve just introduced skin & coat for petite & mini breeds!

Once Daily Dental Chew Highlights:

Petite Once Daily FRONT

  • All the goodness of the Original supplement
  • All natural, human grade ingredients
  • Freshly Ground Flaxseed
  • Package flushed & sealed with Nitrogen
  • Foil bag = time capsule fresh
  • Gently baked then slow dried
  • Ingredient efficacy is preserved
  • Potency is the same as the powder
  • Each chew includes a full dose of Missing Link
  • Supports health at a cellular level
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Gentle teeth cleaning action
  • Vitamin C derivative boosts gum health
  • Two formulas Skin & Coat and Hip & Joint
  • Good source of fiber, Omegas & phyto-nutrients
  • Available for: petite/mini, small/medium & large/extra-large dogs
  • Easy to read feeding instructions

Once Daily Dental Chews are available in the following sizes:


  • NEW Skin & Coat Petite/Mini 28ct
  • Skin & Coat Small/Medium 14 ct & 28 ct
  • Skin & Coat Large/XL 14 ct & 28 ct
  • Hip & Joint Small/Medium 14 ct & 28 ct
  • Hip & Joint Large/XL 14 ct & 28 ct


An ISO is available for the full collection and a Gap Fill offer is available for the Skin & Coat Petite/Mini breed 28 ct. bags alone. The Missing Link recommends the Once Daily Chews be merchandised with the supplements or dental products. We welcome your questions to determine if Missing Link Daily Superfood Dental Chew’s or our full range of Missing Link Supplements belong in your store.

Missing Link

The Missing Link closes the nutritional gap between the natural diet and commercially processed pet foods. Discover wholefood nutritional supplements that support your pets’ health. Veterinarian-formulated, The Missing Link® uses only the best natural and most effective ingredients, adding essential, “loving life” nutrition into each bite.

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