NEW Frankly 5 Ct. Wraps

NEW from Frankly! 5-6″ wraps in a 5 ct peg-able bag. 100% collagen, high protein beef dog chews, available in both chicken and natural. These chews are a highly digestible alternative to rawhides with great benefits.

Brand & Product Highlights:

  • Grass-fed U.S. beef
  • Food grade sourcing
  • Chemical-free production
  • Made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
  • Fully traceable back to the source
  • Environmentally-friendly production
  • All water used for processing is cleaned & recycled
  • Air-dried at 110 degrees for maximum nutritional value
  • Practically a supplement! High collagen & protein content + low fat

Collagen Benefits:

  • Collagen supports the overall health & vitality of your pets
  • It’s a major building block for many organs & tissues including:
    • Bones
    • Joints
    • Cartilage
    • Connective tissues
    • Blood vessels+ more
  • Promotes healthy skin, coat & claws
    • 70% of the protein in your dog’s hair & skin is collagen
  • Aids in digestion:
    • Helps break down proteins
    • Soothes & fortifies the lining of the gut
    • Infuses the digestive system with healing amino acids
  • Improves age-related joint issues
    • Helps replace lost collagen
    • Reinforces soft tissues
    • Helps prevent arthritis, degenerative disc disease & tendonitis
  • May encourage appetite
    • Collagen is very palatable and may tempt reluctant eaters
    • Possibly resulting in improved appetite

Protein Benefits:

  • Protein promotes strong, healthy muscles & organs & provides sustained energy
  • It’s an important building block for many organs & tissues including:
    • Muscles
    • Organs
    • Cartilage
    • Skin+ more


An ISO is available at Northland. We welcome your questions to determine how these great new chews could be a good fit for your store.


Franky produces natural, chemical-free USA beef chews for dogs. Frankly chews are highly digestible, provide collagen & protein – the foundation for healthy bones, tissues, skin & coat. And make a valuable activity for dogs – supporting dental health, mental health & physical well being. 

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