NEW Nutty+Dog CBD Peanut Butter

NEW from Super Snouts Hemp Company: Nutty+Dog CBD Peanut Butter for dogs. A new water-soluble solution for healing, pain relief, and anxiety reduction. Perfect for keeping dogs busy during summer storms.


Product Highlights:

  • 10 MG CBD per TBSP
  • Highest MG CBD peanut butter on the market
  • 3 Ingredients: peanuts, coconut oil, CBD oil
  • Water-soluble for maximum absorption
  • 48 servings for a 25lb dog
  • 12 oz. jar, 240 mg CBD total

Super Snouts Hemp Company Product Highlights:

  • Pharmaceutical grade medicinal hemp actives
  • Safe, effective, guaranteed potency
  • Strict product quality standards
  • Zero THC = zero tolerance for any levels of THC
  • A proprietary engineering process isolates & removes unwanted compounds while maintaining the maximum potency of desired cannabinoids
  • 100% USA grown & made “from the soil to the oil”
  • No harmful chemicals or solvents used to process the oil
  • Sourcing & production is vertically integrated & controlled
  • The plants are grown in Colorado with organic farming practices.
  • Every batch of product is lab tested & third party verified by independent labs across the USA for safety and quality
  • Potency Reports are posted on the Super Snouts website.


An ISO on all Super Snouts Hemp Products is available at Northland. We welcome your questions to determine which CBD Products belong in your store.

Super Snouts Hemp Company

Super Snouts Hemp Company is committed to crafting smart and honest products that honor the human-animal bond. They offer proven products based on science and technology – pharmaceutical grade, scientifically engineered and rigorously researched and sourced from the best suppliers in the USA.  So they can make the best products for you and your best friend(s).

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