Pet Food: The Freeze-dried Advantage

The Difference Between a Clothes Dryer and a Freeze Dryer…..


Freeze Dried Chicken for dogsWe’re all familiar with how a clothes dryer works….tumbling, heat and air circulation all combine to quickly dry clothes.


Freeze drying is a very different process that removes moisture without the high temperatures found in a clothes dryer.  Why freeze dry products?  The answer to that is that delicate materials such as pharmaceuticals and food products can be degraded by heat.   A colder drying process leaves biological elements intact.  When it comes to nutrition, the more natural vitamins and enzymes that are present in a food may translate directly into better health.


Unlike a clothes dryer, freeze drying uses much lower temperatures and a vacuum to sublimate (turn from a solid to a vapor) frozen water.    Food or other material to be freeze-dried is first frozen,  then placed in a vacuum chamber.  Most of the atmosphere is pumped out (down to just a few millibars in pressure), as the temperature is gradually raised to about room temperature.  The end result is a food that is 1% to 4% moisture that has not been exposed to heat.


A reputable freeze-dryer of consumable pet products is the Carnivore Meat Company LLC,  maker of  Vital Essentials™ pet products.  This company locally owned and operated and is located in Green Bay, WI.  Vital Essentials offers both food and treats for dogs and cats that have been carefully freeze-dried to preserve 100% of their naturally occurring nutrition.


Try feeding a freeze-dried Vital Essentials™ food or treat and notice the difference that natural food nutrition can make in your dog or cat.  Click here to find a store near you.

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