Pet Products Backed by Science

Heirloom was founded on the basis that there has to be a better way for pets to be given CBD. The most common CBD oils only absorb about 15% of a standard dose and take longer than an hour to take effect. The team at Heirloom researched and found a solution: water-soluble broad-spectrum hemp! Their product lines feature powdered food toppers, a chew stick, and bone broth.


Brand Highlights

Heirloom’s founder has a background in science and technology which played a major role in the development of their products. They pride themselves on being backed by science through everything they do. They are backed by an amazing team of Advisors, Veterinarians & Pet Food experts who have, and continue to be, amazing resources for their company.

Product Highlights

All of Heirloom’s products feature water-soluble broad-spectrum hemp that absorbs in as little as 7 minutes! They have a variety of CBD delivery methods which include powdered food toppers, road chew sticks, and bone broths!


Product Lines

Heirloom Food Toppers:

Heirloom CBD Toppers are made with water-soluble broad-spectrum hemp. Each bag is 2oz, resealable, & contains about 30 servings with 5mg of hemp per serving. They come in three different varieties: Zen Puppy (Peanut Butter & Banana), Whine Not (Bacon & Cheddar), and Ruff & Ready (Chicken & Tumeric).

Heirloom Road Stick:

Heirloom Road Sticks are made with water-soluble broad-spectrum hemp. Each Road Stick is 2.8oz & contains 7mg of hemp. This is a great product for helping with stressful situations such as going to the vet. The Road Stick Chew is available in a Bacon flavor.

Heirloom Bone Broth:

Heirloom Bone Broth is made with water-soluble broad-spectrum hemp. This is available in a 16oz resealable pouch. Each pouch contains 90mg of hemp with 3mg of hemp per every 2 tablespoons. The Bone Broth is beef and sweet potato flavored and can be used as a food topper or served by itself!


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