These Raw Bistro Treats are a hit!

raw bistro Dog FoodWe all love the pleasure we recieve when handing out fun and healthy treats, especially the ones that evoke a doggie happy dance!  Raw Bistro treats are sure to be a hit with your dog’s taste buds.  Bonus:  Raw Bistro’s deep commitment to animal welfare, sustainable farming practices and the health of our shared planet.

Watch for the new Raw Bistro Stix and Strips display at your favorite Northland Retail location.




Bistro Stix Treats Raw Bistro Strips display

  • yam + flaxseed
  • beef liver, yam + flaxseed
  • beef liver + flaxseed
  • bison liver + flax

Bistro Chomps Treat  

  • dry roasted grass- fed beef liver
  • dry roasted free-range bison liver

Bistro Strips  

  • free-range bison recipe + organic mint  (fresher breath)
  • free-range chicken recipe + organic ginger (tummy tonic)
  • free-range turkey recipe + organic cinnamon (rich in antioxidants)
  • grass fed beef recipe + organic clove (rich in antioxidants)

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