Time for the Twin Cities Pet Expo!

Where can you go to find out practically anything and everything about your pet? The Twin Cities Pet Expo will be held March 12 & 13, 2011 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. While pets need to stay in the comfort of their own home, their humans are welcome to walk around, visit all the exhibits and take home treats and surprises for their pets!




While you’re there, make sure to visit booth #635, the Solid Gold Northland booth. This is our 9th year of participating in this Twin Cities pet-friendly event.  At our booth you will find:

  • Knowledgeable & supportive staff ready to answer all your questions on nutrition or difficult health challenges
  • Solid Gold products for sale for your cat and/or dog
  • Samples of our products
  • Small 4# bags of our new Solid Gold Sun Dancer Gluten Free dog food will be available to purchase
  • Dog treats such as Free Range bully sticks and Tasman’s hormone free, antibiotic free buffalo rawhide
  • Cat treats are also available

Are you a foursquare user? If so, you’ll be able to sign in from our booth!  Everyone who checks in with Solid Gold Northland on foursquare during the event will be entered into our drawing for a choice of a dog or cat Solid Gold Northland Gift Basket. Checking in with Solid Gold Northland has it’s rewards!

To the happiness and health of you & your pets,
Dawn Cobb

Solid Gold Northland
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