7 Solutions | Dental Health for Dogs

February is Dental Month, dental health is huge for dogs – but it’s also hard! Here are some of our favorite products for maintaining & improving your canine’s canines:

(in no particular order)

1. Missing Link SmartMouth

  • WHAT: Multi-function Dental Chew
  • WHY: Fortifies gums, cleans teeth & removes plaque
  • ALSO: Full serving of Missing Link for whole-body health
  • AND: Vitamin C for gum health, Omega 3 & 6 for skin & coat + glucosamine for mobility
  • HOW: Serve as a once-daily treat/chew
  • WHSL: SmartMouth is available for Petite/XS, SM/MED & LG/XL dogs in 14 & 28 ct bags
  • BONUS: ALSO available in two counter displays (SM/MED & LG/XL sizes) with 60 individually wrapped chews for trial

2. Frankly Collagen Chews

  • WHAT: 100% Collagen Beef Dog Chews
  • WHY: Fortifies gums, cleans teeth & removes plaque
  • ALSO: 100% Collagen, 80% Protein – like a supplement
  • AND: 100% Digestible alternative to rawhide
  • HOW: Give as an activity/chew, keep it in rotation
  • WHSL: Available in natural & chicken flavored bones, rolls, chips, and wraps – varied sizes (18 SKUS + 4 specialty SKUS)

3. Vital Essentials Rawbar Necks

  • WHAT: Freeze-Dried Turkey, Duck & Chicken Necks
  • WHY: Fortifies gums, cleans teeth & removes plaque
  • ALSO: Provides calcium, phosphorous & trace minerals
  • AND: Plus zinc, which supports the immune system
  • HOW: Give as a treat/chew, keep it in rotation
  • WHSL: Bags Chicken Necks 85 pc, Duck Necks 24 pc, Turkey Necks 12 pc. Raw bar ISO comes with buckets, stand, tongs & shopping bags

4. STASH Chews

  • WHAT: Yak Milk Bars, Water Buffalo Horns, Beef Shanks
  • WHY: Fortifies gums, cleans teeth & removes plaque
  • ALSO: Provides chewing variety & a fresh challenge
  • AND: Long-lasting chews keep dogs busy
  • HOW: Give as an activity/chew, keep them in rotation
  • WHSL: Kukur Chews (Yak Milk) M & L, Bubba Chews (Water Buffalo Horns) S/M, L, Jumbo & Longhorn, Shankzilla (Beef Shank Bones)

5. Steve’s Real Food Raw Frozen Bones

  • WHAT: Raw Frozen Beef Marrow Bones
  • WHY: Fortifies gums, cleans teeth & removes plaque
  • ALSO: Provides calcium, phosphorous & trace minerals
  • AND: Includes marrow, cartilage & connective tissue
  • HOW: Give as an activity/chew, keep it in rotation
  • WHSL: 3 pk, 2″ Beef Marrow Bone | 2 pk, 4″ Beef Marrow Bone

6. Solid Gold Seameal

  • WHAT: Powder & soft chews for dogs & cats
  • WHY: Provides calcium, iodine & trace minerals
  • ALSO: Vitamins & minerals support stronger teeth & bones
  • AND: Boosts dental, skin & coat, digestive & immune health
  • HOW: Give 2x daily as meal topper/mixer
  • WHSL: 5 oz, 1 lb. & 5lb. container (powder) | 120 ct container (chews), 12/case

7. Steve’s Real Food Chia Freeze

  • WHAT: Raw, frozen goat milk yogurt for dogs & cats
  • WHY: Provides calcium, phosphorous & manganese
  • ALSO: Helps maintain proper pH balance & acts as an antacid
  • AND: Coconut flour helps the body absorb calcium
  • HOW: Serve as a meal alternative, meal topper or treat
  • WHSL: 16 oz. resealable pouches, 10/case

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