Allergies and food intolerance in pets can strike at any age. The most common symptoms are itching, biting and chewing of the feet, face and body, as well as, yeast and skin infections. Corn, wheat and soy are the most likely source of an allergy but it’s possible to develop unwanted symptoms to any protein, carbohydrate or poorly formulated pet food. Feeding wholesome, premium pet food is essential to prevent food allergies and support the immune system.

What we like

  • eliminating soy, wheat and corn (common allergens)
  • foods formulated with  a balanced ratio of omega 3 and  6 essential fatty acids
  • naturally preserved food
  • experienced holistic & non-allergenic pet food makers
  • conscientious vaccinating
  • holistic health professionals
  • Treats that follow these same principles
  • Expect improvement over the next 3 weeks


Our feeding suggestions

Solid Gold Hund-n-Flocken Dog Food
Solid Gold Wee Bit Small breed Dog Food
Solid Gold Wolf King
Solid Gold Sun Dancer Grain Free Dog Food
Great Life Dog Food
Farmina N&D Dog Food

Solid Gold Katz-n-Flocken Cat Food
Solid Gold Indigo Moon Grain Free Cat Food

Solid Gold Seameal – Don’t skip this step

Solid Gold Treats
Diggin’ Your Dog Treats
Tasman’s Natural Pet Treats


Words from happy customers

“We love and tell everyone about your Solid Gold food. Really helped our dogs when they started to have skin allergy problems. 2 Bichons.”

“My dog was losing her hair, coughing up “hairballs”, and suffering from an acidic stomach. I began feeding her the Solid Gold Holistique recipe and things really seem to be turning around for the better. THANK YOU!”

“We have found that Solid Gold worked well for one of our dogs with allergies.”

“Love your product! One of our dogs has allergy issues and I really appreciate the type of product you produce.”