Urinary Tract


Urinary tract blockages and infections are serious conditions and immediate veterinary attention should be sought if your pet shows signs of frequent urination, discomfort, or straining.

Urinary tract health starts with a proper pH balance—even a slight shift in pH can affect urinary and bladder health leading to a poor quality of life for our pets. Diet can play a major role in achieving that balance. A protein based, low-carb diet, complimented with plenty of moisture is the base for healthy urinary tract.

What we like

  • Moisture. Moisture. Moisture.
  • Always have water available for your pet
  • Add a small amount of water to every kibble meal
  • feed canned and/or raw food predominately for pets with past urinary tract problems
  • watch out for treats or low quality foods that are high in sugar – read the labels
  • eliminate soy, wheat and corn from the diet
  • experienced holistic pet food makers
  • holistic health care partners
  • Supplements for pet prone to urinary tract infections


Our feeding suggestions

Any Solid Gold Dog or Cat Food
Any Solid Gold Canned Dog or Cat Food
Any Great Life Dog Food
Any Farmina N&D Dog or Cat food

Raw Bistro Entrées (raw frozen) for dogs
Vital Essentials Raw or Freeze-dried food for dogs and cats
Steve’s Real Food (chicken and pork formulas are formulated to be fed to both dogs & cats)

Solid Gold Berry Balance – Very effective!  Follow the dosage recommendations on the label.  (not to be used with Veterinarian acidify diets).
Solid Gold Seameal

Diggin’ Your Dog Treats
Tasman’s Natural Pet Treats


Words from happy customers

“HUGE fans of your Berry Balance! Haven’t had a single trip to the vet since we started adding it to our cat’s food, it’s a miracle product!”

“Every UTI/vet visit cost us nearly $400 (4 in 12 months), and a container of Berry Balance is less than $20 and lasts forever! My cat is happier and healthier, and I am much richer, lol.”