Kin + Kind

Ingredient Focused • Pet Focused • Earth Focused

kin+kind provides grooming and wellness products that improve health in all aspects. With organic, plant-based ingredients that cleanse, nourish & improve skin & coat health from the outside and organic superfoods to boost health from the inside. This ingredient-focused brand is tackling gaps in animal wellness with simple, natural, effective products.

Brand Highlights

kin+kind was born out of a need for natural & organic grooming products to combat skin allergies & conditions that couldn’t be resolved with diet alone. From the start, this family-run company has produced earth focused, pet-focused, ingredient-focused products that solve problems. From grooming to nutrition, this dedicated company is looking out for your pets and our earth. kin+kind is exclusive to independent & specialty pet retailers – that’s where they’re at home because that’s where they started.

Product Highlights

kin+kind keeps it simple, using limited, functional, organic ingredients & essential oils that serve a purpose. They’ve formulated products to tackle hot-spots & skin allergies, stinky ears – stinky pets and more. Skincare ingredients cleanse, soothe & moisturize. Grooming ingredients moisturize, relieve itching and preserve natural oils. Supplement ingredients include raw blends of functional organic superfoods and coconut flake for healthy fat & fiber. All kin+kind products are hand-mixed in the USA.

kin+kind Products

  • Functional Shampoos
    • Organic soap, essential oils, premium ingredients
  • Kin Organics Shampoos
    • Organic soap, value oils
  • Waterless Bath Products
    • Rinse free waterless foam
    • Cleanse & moisturize
  • Flea, Tick, and Skunk Products
    • Organic neem, cedarwood, peppermint & lavender (pest)
    • Charcoal shampoo for odor relief
  • Skin Solutions
    • Simple ingredients soothe, cleanse & protect
    • With organic aloe
  • Supplements
    • Raw targeted superfoods
    • With organic coconut flake
  • Odor Relief
    • Deodorizing sprays with essential oils
    • For pets, furniture & linens
  • Stain+Odor
    • Plant-derived Zinc that destroys odor at the molecular level

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