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Snugarooz is an innovative toy company featuring toys for cats and dogs made out of recycled water bottles. They have a variety of plush, rope, and TPR toys that come in super fun animals, shapes, sizes, and colors.

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Brand Highlights

Snugarooz is a toy company for good. They create toys that are made out of recycled water bottles. You can watch the video below to learn more about how a water bottle turns into a Snugarooz toy!


Product Highlights

Snugarooz has lines Plush, Rope, TPR, & Cat toys. Each line comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Plush Toys for Dogs:

Snugarooz Plush Toys for Dogs come in a variety of sizes and characters. The toys range in sizes from 9” to 17”. Some have hidden balls inside for a fun surprise when the toy is destroyed! From Baby Momma the Llama to Olivia the Octopus, you are sure to find the perfect toy for your pup!  

TPR Toys:

The TPR toys are made with eco-friendly materials. They range in sizes from 3″-8.5″. A great selection for different-sized dogs.

Rope Toys:

Snugarooz Rope Toys are engineered to last through exuberant tugging and chewing. These rope toys come in a variety of sizes and some feature rubber elements such as spiked balls and rubber handles.

Plush Toys with Catnip for Cats:

Their cat toys are cute mini versions of their plushies for dogs with added catnip!  

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