Dog Treat Naturals

A line of Superfood and Dental Sticks with a mission to tread lightly on our planet.


We are excited to announce our partnership with Dog Treat Naturals! Dog Treat Naturals is a line of Superfood and Dental Sticks with a mission to tread lightly on our planet.


Dog Treat Naturals, knows how important it is to be transparent with every customer. Their midwest company is constantly researching and staying up-to-date on health and wellness trends making sure they are giving our dogs the best possible product, while also making sure they take care of our planet.

Dog Treat Naturals Highlights:

  • Made with All Natural Superfoods Ingredients
  • Made in a SQF Certified Facility, Fully Powered by Solar Energy
  • Ingredients are Sourced and Manufactured in the USA

Superfood Sticks:

The Superfood Sticks are available in 8 flavors and come in 10oz bags.

  • Beef & Pumpkin
  • Chicken & Cranberry
  • Duck & Apple
  • Lamb & Date
  • Pork & Peach
  • Salmon & Mango
  • Sweet Potato & Quinoa
  • Turkey & Blueberry

Dental Sticks:

The Dental Sticks are available in 1 flavor, Chickpea & Mint, and these come in a 10oz bag.

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