Remy’s Kitchen


Remy’s Kitchen is a local Wisconsin company that specializes in freeze-dried treats for cats and dogs. They were founded when Lisa, Remy’s mom, struggled to find recipes that didn’t aggravate his sensitivities. Lisa started to feed Remy whole foods and 100% farm fresh raw meat and noticed a remarkable change in his quality of life. Thus Remy’s Kitchen was born!

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Remy’s Kitchen Highlights:

  • Based in Wisconsin
  • All Ingredients are Sourced from the USA
  • Locally Sourced Midwest Meats
  • Human-Grade Ingredients

Remy’s Lineup:


Freeze-Dried Single-Ingredient Treats for Dogs & Cats – 

  • Just Beef (3oz bag)
  • Just Bison Liver (2.5oz bag)


Freeze-Dried Meat Medley Treats for Dogs & Cats – 

  • Beef Liver, Meat & Spleen (3oz bag)
  • Chicken Hearts, Liver & Gizzards (3oz bag)
  • Lamb Liver, Spleen & Hearts (3oz bag)


Freeze-Dried Superfood Treats for Dogs – 

  • Apple-Cinnamon (3.5oz bag)
  • Pumpkin-Kale (3.5oz bag)
  • Salmon-Cranberry (3.5oz bag)
  • Sweet Potato-Turmeric (3.5oz bag)

Meal Mixer

SuperfoodPlus Meal Mixers for Dogs – 

  • Beef (5oz)
  • Chicken (5oz)

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