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Made in Minnesota, for pets everywhere.

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Raw Bistro, believes in the power of the raw diet to help pets live their healthiest and happiest lives.  Raw Bistro cares deeply about animal welfare, sustainable farming practices and the health of our shared planet. What’s good for one is good for all.

Quality & Safety

Some people are a bit skittish about feeding their pets raw meats, but it’s no different than buying chicken or hamburger for your family. Humanely raised, high quality meats produced in a clean and well-maintained facility are wholesome and safe.

Quality starts at the farm.

The meats used come exclusively from grass-fed and free-range animals from local farms. These animals have never been on a feedlot, or been given antibiotics or hormones. Raw Bistro knows their producers, they’re transparent about their processes, and ensure that all ingredients—animal, vegetable and mineral—are USDA source-verified.

Clean, safe processing.

Raw Bistro food

All of Raw Bistros different foods and treats are processed in small batches in a hyper-clean and well-maintained food production plant. Treats are dried, and raw foods are immediately frozen for maximum nutrition retention. Products remain frozen through distribution to pet food retailers, where they are stored and sold in the freezer case.

Raw Bistro Frozen Raw Dog Fare

Available in 3 lb. mini-patty bag, 6 lb. reg-patty bag & 18lb. reg-patty bulk box

  • Grass-fed Beef Entree
  • Free Range Chicken Entree
  • Free Range Turkey EntreeRawBistro-EntreeGroupCRP
  • Free Range Bison Entree
  • Pasture Raised Lamb

Raw Bistro Dehydrated Raw Dog Fare

Available in both 1 lb. bags (makes 4 lbs. re-hydrated).

  • Grass-fed Beef Entree
  • Free Range Chicken Entree
  • Free Range Turkey Entree

Raw Bistro treats

Raw Bistro Dehydrated Raw Treats

  • Grass-Fed Beef Liver + Flaxseed Stix
  • Grass-Fed Beef liver, Yam + Flaxseed Stix
  • Beef Recipe + Cloves Strips
  • Chicken Recipe + Ginger Strips
  • Turkey Recipe + Cinnamon Strips
  • Grass-Fed Beef Liver + Bistro Chomps

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Learn more at RawBistro.com

LOVE These!

Cynthia I. Minneapolis, MN -Dogs: 1 Cats: 1

Name of Product: Raw Beef Knuckle Bones

2 Features: No antibiotics, hormones or grains and 100% grass fed cattle

2 Benefits: Great distraction and gives mental stimulation

Con: A bit messy so we had to designate an area for the dog.
A bit too large for the cat so we would like to try the smaller cuts.

Review: Both cat & dog enjoyed these. The cat was hilarious tapping at and touching them with his paws at first! He was very unsure, but he got the hang of it fairly quickly and them it was a challenge to get it back away from him! We are interested in trying the smaller size for the cat as he enjoyed them, but they are a bit large for him. We love that there are no antibiotics, hormones or grains and that the cattle are 100% grass fed.

“Loved this Chew”

Rachel J- Minneapolis, MN Dogs: 1

Name of Product: Raw Beef Knuckle Bones

2 Features: All natural, Entertaining for hours

2 Benefits: dog lived the taste and it was good for her teeth

Con: Messy! best used outside or on a blanket in the house!

Review: Overall these were great chews for my English bulldog. I loved that they were a health way to utilize all the parts of an animal while providing teeth care and nutrients to my dog. She loved them!

 “Too big”

Betty P- Circle Pines, MN – Dogs: 2 Cats: 1

Name of Product: Raw Bistro Bones

2 Features: All natural

2 Benefits: Good for teeth

Con: They were too big for my whippets & cat

Review: Good for big dogs

Great Treat!

Melissa A. – Robbinsdale, MN – Dogs: 2

Name of Product: raw Bistro Raw Beef Knuckle Bones

2 Features: Natural, No Hormones

2 Benefits: Great Protein Source, Good for Teeth

Con: none

Review: The dogs enjoyed these bones on our deck in the sunshine. I like that these bones are natural, without any hormones or antibiotics. It makes me feel good when I am able to give my dogs wholesome, natural food and treats. These bones really help them to maintain their teeth and gums. I would buy these again. Our 4 year old dog, as well as our 8 year old , finick senior had no trouble chewing on these wholesome bones.


 ”Two Happy German Shepherds”

Ruth D- Maple Grove, MN – Dogs: 2

Name of Product: Raw Bistro Bones

2 Features: Grass fed, free range animals. Humanely raised

2 Benefits: Healthy Treats, Did not splinter

Con: The raw beef was a little rich for their digestive tract and caused tummy upset and the resulting consequences. I’ll need to work them in small amounts over a long period of time, but for the short haul a little kaopectate helped.

Review: Princess and Bella loved the bones and chewed and played with them for hours. What’s really great is that they are cut large enough that my girls were unable to splinter them as they usually do the bones they are given.

“Great Treat”

Barb G- Minneapolis, MN – Dogs: 2

Name of Product: Raw Bistro bones

2 Features: Natural, Long lasting

2 Benefits: Keeps dogs busy, enjoyable

Con: none

Review: It makes a great treat for special occasions.

“Great bones!”

Windy P. Minneapolis, MN – Dogs: 2 Cats: 2

Name of Product: Raw Bistro Bones

2 Features: Free range, no hormones, local product

2 Benefits: Kept dogs busy for hours, they loved them!

Con: none

Review: These bones kept our dogs busy for hours. They both really enjoyed them.

 “Loved them”

Linda M – Minneapolis, MN -Dogs: 2 Cats: 2

Name of Product: Raw Bistro beef knuckle bones

2 Features: hormone free, natural

2 Benefits: love chewing , taste

Con: none

Review: My dogs really loved them, kept them occupied.

“Dogs have died and gone to knuckle bone heaven!”

Jade F. –MN – Dogs: 2 Cats: 2

Name of Product: Raw Bistro Raw Knuckle Bones

2 Features: Humanely raised and grass fed animals

2 Benefits: Great chewing opportunity, crating motivator for my dogs

Con: none

Review: One of my dogs is a MAJOR chewer…bully sticks are gone in a heartbeat. Flip flops and dress shoes are not sacred in the house. Nothing is safe from our dog! The raw knuckle bones, frozen, are a great safe thing for him to chew, and I can only imagine that it aids in cleaning any tartar build up on his teeth. So impressed with the product that I will keep a package in my freezer from now on.


“Meat bone.”

Melissa C. – Minneapolis MN -Dogs: 1 Cats: 1

Name of Product: Raw Bistro Bones (Beef)

2 Features: 100% grass fed, pasture-raised cattle

2 Benefits: no hormones, no antibiotics

Con: none

Review: My senior Papillon is not big on chewing and the knuckle is pretty large for him, but he took to this one right away. He used it for two days and then was done with it. He got what he could off of it (a little meat and tendon) and didn’t chew the bone itself. I think a marrow bone would be better for him rather than the knuckle.

I really like that the cattle are grass fed and pasture raised. It makes for a superior product and, more importantly, a more humane one.

 “Happy dog”

Debra M – Minneapolis, MN – Dogs: 1

Name of Product: Raw Bistro Knuckle Bones

2 Features: humanely raised, grass fed

2 Benefits: kept my dog busy, loved it

Con: My dog got loose stools. I had to let her out during the night. Maybe smaller bones would have worked better.

Review: I would recommend this product- bones from free range animals that my dog loves.

Recommended For:  Pet with allergies, Overweight Pet, Senior, Finicky Eaters

“Nom nom nom”

Tamara C- Minneapolis, MN – Dogs: 2 Cats: 2

Name of Product: Raw Beef Knuckle Bistro Bones

2 Features: 100% grass fed, pasture raised

2 Benefits: Dogs LOVED these & they last forever!

Con: Greasy at first….but after a day or so of chewing we allow the dogs to eat them outside their kennel.

Review: The dogs go crazy happy for these…in fact, there hasn’t been a single product from RAW bistro they haven’t enjoyed! We love that the bones are from grass-fed, pasture raised cattle that have no added hormones or grains!

“She wouldn’t put it down”

Katie P.- Eagan, MN Dogs: 1 Cats: 13

Name of Product: Raw Bistro Bones

2 Features: only beef bone, nothing else and plenty of connective tissue

2 Benefits: keeps her busy and helps her teeth

Con: none

Review: I gave my Bella one and I swear she didn’t let it out of her sight for over a day. She carried it around with her everywhere, she even tried to take it outside but I wouldn’t let her. She growled at the cats if they came within three feet of her. All I can say is she loved it. I don’t think that the cats are really all that interested in it other than the fact that Bell has it. I would certainly buy these bones, there is plenty of tissue left on them and they are in a re-sealable package.

“Bow-Wow Treats”

Tommy G- Minneapolis- Dogs: 3 Cats: 2

Name of Product: Raw Bistro

2 Features: size and favor

2 Benefits: My dogs not only loved the smell they seem to like the taste .

Con: none

Review: I think I got these as part of the review at Solid Gold Northland and then I received some at the Year in Blast for Disc Dog of MN. My dogs went through both very quickly the smell of these treat but them in work mode and they would go through every treat they knew to score one. The other nice thing about them was the dryness of the treat. It was easy to carry around. Excellent treat for serious training sessions.

Recommended for: All dogs