Product Knowledge Resources

 Dr. Elsey’s

01-15-2019 Dr. Elsey’s EMAP 3-1-19 CHANGE Annoucement

01-15-2019 Dr. Elsey’s 2019 EMAP Price List

12-14-2017 Dr. Elsey’s EMAP policy Annoucement 121117

12-14-2017 Dr. Elsey’s EMAP policy FAQs 121117 – Ultra Unscented 40 LB SKU

12-14-2017 Dr. Elsey’s EMAP policy 121117 – Ultra Unscented 40 LB SKU

Farmina Natural & Delicious

11-03-2020 Farmina Company Fact Sheet

06-12-2018 Natural & Delicious Rawcan Introduction

Kin+Kind- Natural & Organic Grooming Products

3-08-2021 Kin+Kind 2021 Product Book

3-08-2021 Kin+Kind Product Images

Solid Gold

11-03-2020 Solid Gold Gut Health Protocol Training – Excellent for staff training!

8-15-2018 Indigo Moon High Protein Dry Cat Food Information Sheet

8-15-2018 Triple Layer Cups Wet Cat Food Information Sheet

8-15-2018 Bone Broth Pouches Meal Toppers Information Sheet

Steve’s Real Food

2-27-2019 Steve’s Food Safety Program Information

12-07-2017 Raw U – Employee Training Information Sheet-Highly recommended raw food online training for retail store staff.

Super Snouts Hemp Company

8-31-2018 SSHC Hemp Product Brochure

8-31-2018 Health Issue Chart

8-31-2018 Product Superiority Explained

8-31-2018 Full Spectrum VS Isolate Explained

8-31-2018 Alcohol VS CO2 Extraction Explained

8-31-2018 Organic Ultra Premium PCR Hemp Oil Explained

8-31-2018 Gel Cap & Chew Superiority Explained

8-31-2018 Functional Full Spectrum Chew Poster

8-31-2018 Nano Micro Emulsion VS Lipsomal Micro Emulsion Graphic

8-31-2018 The Endocannabinoid System Explained

8-31-2018 CBD Dog Receptor Graphic

8-31-2018 Zero THC Policy Explained

8-31-2018 Organic Statement

12-07-2017 CBD Oil For Dogs and Cats by Super Snouts– Product  Knowledge information.

Missing Link

11-03-2020 Smartmouth Fact Sheet

11-03-2020 Missing Link Training 2_2019

Cookie Pal

11-05-2020 CookiePal Intro

Mount Ara

11-05-2020 Catalog

11-05-2020 Fact Sheet