Americas Alternative to Rawhide

Franky makes a collection of 100% collagen, high protein beef dog chews. Frankly chews are a highly digestible alternative to rawhide with great benefits – like a supplement! Providing a valuable activity for dogs – supporting dental health, mental health & physical well-being.

Brand Highlights

Made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with U.S. beef collagen fully traceable back to the source. Frankly chews are made with food-grade ingredients and certified by BRC Global and the Global Food Saftey Initiative. Frankly strives to employ environmentally friendly practices: from chemical-free production to cleaning and recycling the water used for processing. All so they can offer your pets the very best.

Product Highlights

Frankly chews so good they’re practically a supplement! These multifunction chews are 100% collagen, high protein (85%+) and low fat (6%). With nearly 0% fiber making them essentially 100% digestible. Collagen & protein support the overall health & vitality of your pets – as major building blocks for many organs & tissues including vital joint material. Collagen also aids in digestion, helping break down proteins, soothe & fortify the gut – and even enhance appetite! Frankly, Chews are slowly air-dried at 100 degrees to preserve the maximum value of these nutrients.

Frankly Pet Products

  • Collagen chews in proven shapes, 100% Collagen, 85%+ protein, 6% fat, available in both natural & chicken flavors
    • Small, medium & large “bones”
    • Large, extra-large & mega rolls/retrievers
    • Wraps
    • Chips
    • Variety pack
  • Specialty Chews (with Collagen) available in natural flavor:
    • Cow Tails | 3pk,  50% collagen, 14% protein, 74% fat
    • Cow Ears | 10pk & 50pk, 70% collagen, 80% protein, 4% fat
    • Moozle | 1 pk, 50% collagen, 55% protein, 14% fat

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