All-natural chews for dogs made from simple ingredients.

logoWe are thrilled to announce our partnership with peaksNpaws! PeaksNpaws offers all-natural chews for dogs made from simple ingredients.


PeaksNpaws has lines of Original Yak Chews, Flavored Yak Chews, Cheese Chews, and Coffeewood Chews. Their focus is on limited ingredients, sourcing sustainably, and keeping in mind to treat every dog to good health.

PeaksNpaws Lineup:

Original Yak Chews –  Sourced from the Himalayas and hand-made by Farmers 

  • Available in Medium, Large & Jumbo Sizes 
    • 3ct Burlap Pouches
    • POP Display Cases

Flavored Yak Chews – A fresh spin on Yak Chews! 

  • Available in a Large Size 
    • 3ct Burlap Pouches
    • POP Display Cases
  • Flavors –
    • Mint
    • Strawberry
    • Turmeric

Coffee Wood Chews – Sourced from coffee trees that are 20+ years old without harming the natural ecosystem.

  • Available in Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large 
    • Sold as Eaches

Cheese Chews –  Made from 100% natural European ingredients. These are very versatile and are great for puppies and senior dogs. 

  • Available in Small & Large Sizes 
    • POP Display Cases

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