Skin & Coat


Our pets’ skin and coat is a good indicator of their overall health. Often pets develop a dry, itchy coat and irritated skin, as well as an unpleasant odor, when certain nutrients are lacking in their diet. Ensuring your pet has plenty of enzymes, probiotics and fatty acids from wholesome, natural sources gives a great boost to their skin, coat and wellbeing.

What we like

  • Well formulated holistic pet foods
  • Balanced ratio of omega 3 and  6 essential fatty acids
  • Naturally preserved food
  • conscientious vaccinating
  • Treats that follow the same principles
  • Consider a morning meal of kibble and a evening meal  of raw food
  • Solid Gold Seameal
  • Expect improvement over the next 3 weeks


Our feeding suggestions

Any Solid Gold Dog or Cat Food
Any Great Life Dog Food
Any Farmina N&D Dog or Cat food

Raw Bistro Entrées (raw frozen) for dogs
Vital Essentials Raw or Freeze-dried food for dogs and cats
Steve’s Real Food (chicken and pork formulas are formulated to be fed to both dogs & cats)

Solid Gold Seameal – Don’t skip this step

Solid Gold Treats
Diggin’ Your Dog Treats
Tasman’s Natural Pet Treats


Words from happy customers

“I have been using Solid Gold food for years on my dogs. I think it is great dog food. My one dog use to get a lot of dandruff but with solid gold his coat is nice and shiny.”

“Our cat, Lovey, had stubborn dandruff for years. Within a few days of switching to a Solid Gold diet (Katz-n-Flocken and gourmet canned food) her dandruff disappeared and never returned. We are sending you Lovey’s video, Lovey the Cat Works Out, to show you that Solid Gold gives her loads of energy, too.”

“My dog has a outstanding coat because of your food. and she’s very healthy too. Thank you!”

“I wouldn’t feed my dogs anything but Solid Gold. They are so healthy & coats are so shiny.”

“My Westies (3 yrs & 11 yrs) are doing very well on your dog food… I have had no skin problems to speak of and I supplement with Sea Meal.”