Dr. Elsey’s

Our customers favorite cat litter!


Dr. Elsey’s is the maker of 99.9% dust free Precious Cat scoop-able litters and Cat Attract Litter. These litters feature the texture, particle size and “paw feel” to create the ideal litter box environment for your cats. This along with proper litter box care will keep your cat content and happy.



99% Dust Free
All Natural Clay
Low Tracking
Hard Clumping
Superior odor Control
Works with sifting and mechanical devices

CatAttract40LB_pathCRPCat Attract

99% dust free
All Natural Clay
Brings cats back to the litter box
Great training for kittens
Hard Clumping
Works with sifting and mechanical devices

SeniorBox_pathCRPSenior Silica

Prevents bacterial growth
Traps urine on contact
Easy to scoop
SUPER low tracking
Helps prevent kidney and urinary tract infection.
Biodegrades in 1 month!

Additive_pathLitter Attractant

One bottle treats 100 lbs. of litter.
Helps bring cats back to the litter box.
Lasts one cat over 3 months.


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