Love, Nala

Air-Dried Food, Cans, Treats, & Supplements for Cats

logoLove, Nala features highly palatable air-dried kibble, cans, treats, and supplements for cats! Not to mention they have the cutest mascot ever – Nala! Nala Together

Nala is the most followed cat on Instagram with over 4.5 MILLION followers! Nala was adopted from an animal shelter when she was 5 months old and her owner, Pookie, started an Instagram account to share her adoption story with family and friends. Pookie launched Love, Nala to provide cats with wholesome, healthy and nutritious food, treats, and supplements.

Love, Nala Lineup:

Air-Dried Food – Made in the USA. Air-Dried Food has 3x the moisture than freeze-dried or conventional kibble.

  • Available in 1lb Bags:
    • Beef
    • Chicken
    • Turkey & Chicken

Canned Food – Human-grade ingredients. Meat First. Grain Free. No preservatives, artificial colors or fillers. 

  • Available in 2.8oz Flaked Cans:
    • Chicken & Pumpkin
    • Chicken, Sweet Potato & Carrots
    • Chicken, Sweet Potato & Tomato
    • Salmon
    • Tuna & Salmon
    • Tuna, Carrot, & Pea
    • 12 Can Variety Pack (Tuna, Carrot, & Pea | Salmon | Chicken, Sweet Potato & Tomato)
  • Available in 2.8oz Pate Cans:
    • Chicken, Carrot & Pumpkin
    • Mackerel, Carrot & Pumpkin
    • Tuna, Salmon & Carrot
    • Tuna & Spinach
    • 12 Can Variety Pack (Chicken, Carrot & Pumpkin | Mackerel, Carrot & Pumpkin | Tuna with Spinach)

Mousse Treats – Highly palatable lightly pureed treats. Hand feed or top off their food! 

  • Available in: 
    • Chicken 4pk
    • Tuna 4pk
    • Tuna & Salmon 4pk
    • 24 Pack Variety Pack
    • Chicken Plus Digestion 4pk
    • Tuna Plus Skin & Coat 4pk
    • Tuna & Salmon Plus Healthy Joints 4pk
    • 24 Pack Variety Plus Pack

Supplements – Soft chews for easy consumption. 

  • Available in 90ct Jars
    • Calming
    • Digestion
    • Skin & Coat

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