Overweight pets are very common and an important concern. Carrying extra weight can increase the risk of joint and movement problems. Even a small weight improvement can relieve stress on the body and impact overall quality of life. Being overweight, simply does not feel good! A protein based, low starch diet from quality ingredients is the cornerstone for optimum weight.

Otherwise healthy underweight pets can prosper with a well chosen diet. Selecting formulas designed for active and performance pets will be a great start.  Two pets of the same breed and weight can have very different metabolisms and very differing caloric needs.  Measure each pets meal providing the proper measure to each pets needs.


What we like

  • Feed twice per day
  • measure every meal using a measuring cup
  • feed the correct amount for each individual pet
  • set a small amount of meal measured aside for treats later
  • experienced holistic & low calorie pet food makers
  • Be patient and consistant
  • consider a morning meal of kibble and a evening meal  of raw food
  • predominately raw food for very overweight pets
  • consider beef formulas to put on weight


Our feeding suggestions

Food to shed weight
Solid Gold Holistique Blendz Dog Food
Solid Gold Fit & Fabulous Dog Food

Solid Gold Fit As A Fiddle Grain Free Cat Food
Solid Gold Furever Young Cat Food
Solid Gold Katz-n-Flocken Cat Food

Raw Bistro Entrées (raw frozen) for dogs
Vital Essentials Raw or Freeze-dried food for dogs and cats
Steve’s real food (chicken and pork formulas are formulated to be fed to both dogs & cats)

Food brands to maintain a healthy weight
Solid Gold Dog and Cat Food formulas
Great Life Dog formulas
Farmina N&D Dog and Cat Food formulas

Foods to gain weight
Solid Gold Millennia
Solid Gold Grain Free Barking at the Moon

Solid Gold Seameal – Very important step for both overweight and underweight pets
Keep treats to a minimum! Reduce meal volume if you must treat overweight pets!
Solid Gold Treats
Diggin’ Your Dog Treats
Tasman’s Natural Pet Treats
green beans, carrots, kale


Words from happy customers

“Love Solid Gold! I have feed my 3 show/field Weims it exclusively and they are consistently at peak performance!”

“We found out about Solid Gold from our Pug’s breeder. We then switched our cats over to Indigo Moon. That and the SeaMeal has made a huge difference in our fat, lazy cats. Barking at the Moon, helped my golden regain muscle mass thank you!”

“I was feeding my dogs a cheaper brand of dog food that they didn’t like and they started to lose a lot of weight. I got a sample of solid gold at the local Dog Fair and they loved it.”