Tartar on your pet’s teeth is plaque that has hardened. If not removed, tartar can lead to inflammation of the gums (a condition called gingivitis), and more serious issues like abscesses and infections. Steps can be taken to prevent dental issues. A highly digestible wholesome diet, rich with probiotics and enzymes, plays a significant role in promoting great oral health.

What we like

  • Well formulated holistic pet foods
  • Consider mainly canned food for small breed
  • Balanced ratio of omega 3 and  6 essential fatty acids
  • Recreational bones
  • Consider a morning meal of kibble and a evening meal  of raw food
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Expect improvement over the next 3 weeks


Our feeding suggestions


Any Solid Gold Dry Dog or Cat Food
Any Solid Gold Canned Dog or Cat Food
Any Great Life Dog or Cat Food
Any Farmina N&D Dog or Cat food

Raw Bistro Entrées (raw frozen) for dogs
Vital Essentials Raw or Freeze-dried food for dogs and cats
Steve’s Real Food (chicken and pork formulas are formulated to be fed to both dogs & cats)

Solid Gold Seameal – Don’t skip this step

Raw Bones
Raw Bistro
Vital Essentials Raw
Steve’s Real Food

Recreational Bones & Chews
Tasman’s Bison Rawhide & meaty bones


Words from happy customers

“Overall these ( Raw Bistro Bones) were great chews for my English bulldog. I loved that they were a health way to utilize all the parts of an animal while providing teeth care and nutrients to my dog. She loved them!”


“The dogs enjoyed these (Raw Bistro) bones on our deck in the sunshine. I like that these bones are natural, without any hormones or antibiotics. It makes me feel good when I am able to give my dogs wholesome, natural food and treats. These bones really help them to maintain their teeth and gums.”


“This (Tasman’s Natural Pet) buffalo rawhide  is great – it has lasted for a month! Super high quality, no pieces have splintered off. I feel secure giving it to my dog because it is made in the USA, has no antibiotics and is all natural. My dog just loves it – he chews on it for hours at a time, cleaning his teeth & keeping him occupied.”


“These (Tasman’s Natural Pet) rawhides are a nice treat to help keep the dog’s teeth clean. They aren’t bleached or heavily chemically treated like some rawhides. They don’t have a foul odor or stain carpets like some rawhides I have tried in the past. I would highly recommend these, as they don’t break off or shred quickly like rawhides I used to buy. Our female dog who has a very sensitive tummy had no upset tummy after trying this treat.”