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Pet Center, Inc. specializes in producing Bully sticks and treats that are made in the U.S. Providing a consistent and quality line of products for your pet.



PCI Brand Bully Sticks in 

  • Super Bully 7-8″ “thickest” (24/Bag)
  • Jumbo Pizzle 6″ (25/Bag)
  • Jumbo Pizzle 12″ (25/Bag)
  • Curly Pizzle 7″ (25/Bag)
  • Steer Stick 6″ (50/Bag)


Bully Highlights

  • Excellent & consistent  look
  • Low to no odor
  • Non greasy
  • U.S. Cattle

PCI Chicken & Duck Treats

  • Chicken & Rice Treats (12 oz. Peg-able Bag)
  • Chick N’ Hide Small Chews/Treats (Peg-able Bag)
  • IMG_20180208_130456A1 TRPDuck Breast “Quakers” (8 oz. Peg-able Bags)

PCI Brand Pork Chews

  • Pig Ears (Bulk)
  • Porky Wafers (Bulk)
  • Pig Ear Slices (8 oz. Peg-able Bags)

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