7 Solutions for Picky Pets

When a pet doesn’t show interest in their food – even when it’s amazing – these are our go-to’s: (in no particular order)

1. Solid Gold Bone Broth Meal Toppers

  • WHAT: Bone broth liquid pouches for dogs
  • WHY: Potent flavor & fragrance attracts dogs to the bowl
  • ALSO: Natural source of collagen, vitamins & minerals
  • AND: Available in Beef & Turmeric; Chicken, Lavender & Chamomile; and Turkey, Pumpkin & Ginger
  • HOW: Serve as a meal topper or treat
  • WHSL: 8 oz. re-seal-able pouches, 12/case, 3 pairings, line priced.

2. Vital Essentials Meal Toppers

  • WHAT: Freeze-dried raw food for dogs & cats
  • WHY: Super meaty & packed with enticing flavor
  • ALSO: Single source ground WHOLE meat + organs + bones = allergy-friendly
  • AND: Available in Beef, Chicken & Turkey
  • HOW: Serve as a complete meal, meal topper or supplement
  • WHSL: 6 oz re-seal-able, peg-able packages, 6/case, 3 protein choices, line priced.

7Solutions Picky Dogs-03

3. Farmina N&D Ocean RawCans

  • WHAT: Gently steamed wet food for dogs & cats
  • WHY: Super meaty & packed with enticing flavor
  • ALSO: Cans filled & steamed with fresh-raw foods
  • AND: Available in a variety of seafood pairings
  • HOW: Serve as a complete meal or meal topper
  • WHSL: 2.8 oz cans for cats, 12/case, 5 pairings, line priced. 10.5 oz cans for dogs, 6/case, 5 pairings, line priced.

7Solutions Picky Dogs-04

4. Vital Essentials Beef Tripe Nibblets

  • WHAT: Freeze-dried tripe nibblets for dogs & cats
  • WHY: Potent flavor & fragrance plus a satisfying crunch
  • ALSO: Single ingredient supplement + digestive & immune health
  • AND: Contains essential fatty & amino acids for energy & vitality
  • HOW: Serve as a meal topper, supplement, or treat
  • WHSL: 2.3 oz. & 1 lb re-seal-able packages, 12/case & 6/case.

5. Solid Gold Green Cow Tripe

  • WHAT: Canned tripe entrée for dogs
  • WHY: Potent flavor & fragrance attracts even the pickiest eaters
  • ALSO: Easy on sensitive tummies & packed with digestive enzymes
  • AND: Provides valuable vitamins, minerals & healthy fats
  • HOW: Serve as a complete meal or meal topper
  • WHSL: 13.2 oz can 6/case.

7Solutions Picky Dogs-06

6. Steve’s Real Food Chia Freeze Raw Goat Milk Yogurt

  • WHAT: Raw frozen goat milk yogurt for dogs & cats
  • WHY: Easy on sensitive tummies & highly digestible, full of pre & pro-biotics
  • ALSO: Includes chia seeds & coconut flour for added digestive benefits
  • AND: Helps maintain proper pH balance and acts as an antacid
  • HOW: Serve as a meal alternative, meal topper or treat
  • WHSL: 16 oz. re-seal-able pouches, 10/case.

7Solutions Picky Dogs-07

7. Raw Bistro Dehydrated Entrées

  • WHAT: Dehydrated raw dog food – just add water
  • WHY: Super meaty & packed with enticing flavor
  • ALSO: Each 1 lb bag = 4 lbs of food once re-hydrated
  • AND: Available in Beef, Chicken & Turkey
  • HOW: Serve as a complete meal or meal topper
  • WHSL: 1 lb re-seal-able packages, 10/case, 3 protein choices.

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