Pet Rescue


Microchipping Your Pet & How It Works

  For today’s installment of ‘holistic pet living,’ we are talking about microchips. We will answer all of your questions and also talk about a few other ways to help reunite lost pets with their families.   Whether you have lived with pets all your life or a new pet owner, microchipping my be a […]


4 Ways to Get Involved in Local Pet Rescue

  While many of the team members at Solid Gold Northland have adopted dogs and cats, and strongly advocate for pet rescue, the truth is, not everybody is in a place where they can adopt a pet.   Even if you aren’t ready to adopt or bring another pet into your family, there are so […]


$1 Of Solid Gold Purchase To Feline Rescue

  Helping Cats Live Better in MN How much participation can we get from Twin Cities Solid Gold Pet Food Feeders? Now through March 31, 2014 – Solid Gold Northland is donating $1 for every coupon redeemed from Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlets Barkin’ Mews Newsletter to Feline Rescue of MN. 10’s of thousands […]


You Can Adopt A Pet Today

  This is Lily. She is about 3 years old and 7 pounds of joy.  She came to live with us when we adopted her from Underdog Rescue in Minnesota.  Lily had lived her life in a puppy mill, prior to being rescued by Underdog.  She is thriving in a home with a family!   […]


Pet Rescues and Pet Businesses Work Together

All pet lovers delight in hearing the news that a  rescued pet has found their forever home. Here in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, nonprofits and for-profits are working together to make that become a reality for more and more homeless animals. Nonprofit pet rescues are mostly composed of volunteers, pet lovers who are working […]