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When considering a new purchase, I find customer reviews and testimonials very helpful.  I hope these testimonials will assist you and your pet! – Dawn


Super Snout Joint Power for DogsSuper Snouts JOINT POWER
100% Green Lipped Mussel Powder Recent Testimonials from verified buyers


Miracle Powder!      July 11,2014

Miracle powder… My dog was laid up and we thought we would have to put her down. Two weeks of powder and she is back to her normal self.

-Tracy Lewandowski


This has changed our Mastiff’s life for the better.      July 18, 2014

This has changed our Mastiff’s life for the better. His arthritis has lessened so much, he doesn’t limp anymore! Stinks like the dickens when you put it on their food, but it’s worth it!



This stuff works and the dogs love the smell!      April 4, 2014

I have a three year old mix breed with a slight case of hip dysplasia. I have tried a bunch of joint supplements. This one works. It takes it a few weeks to start noticing that it is working. She still favors her right leg a bit once in a while but it is nowhere near as severe. It does not give her bad breath or gas. It comes with a small spoon that is help full. I cannot stress the fact that it does not smell good but my dog seems to love the stinky stuff.



Easy supplement to help hips.    April 9, 2014

One of our dogs was diagnosed with dysplasia and hip issues at 6 months old. We started giving him the green lipped muscle powder and have seen an improvement to behavior after 2 weeks. We sprinkle it on both of our dogs food. It’s a small price to pay for the additional comfort it’s provided my dogs.



Reduced coughing in my dog w/ congestive heart failure!     July 31, 2014

Our dog sitter recommended Green Lipped Mussels for our dog with advanced congestive heart failure, she swore by it. The company she recommended was out of New Zealand and a bit pricey to just try it out, so I came on to Amazon to see if we could find something cheaper. Initially, my dogs loved the flavor, now the one with CHF only eats around the powder. Normally, at this point I would have stopped giving it to him, but his cough has improved tremendously! His cough is usually pretty bad when the weather turns raining, something we have just accepted. For the past two days, Denver has been in a flash flood watch because of so much rain and he barely coughs. So now, we take the time to mix the powder into baby food so he will eat it. We are amazed at how much improvement we have seen in such a short time.

-Janes Place

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