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“I have been using Solid Gold food for years on my dogs. I think it is great dog food. My one dog use to get a lot of dandruff but with solid gold his coat is nice and shiny.”

“Love Solid Gold! I have feed my 3 show/field Weims it exclusively and they are consistently at peak performance!”

“I tried the treats for the first time with one of these coupons and they are my dogs favorite!”

“I would like to receive coupons for Solid Gold dog food/treats, my two welsh corgis loves Solid Gold. Thank you.”

“My two dogs (an English Setter and a golden retriever) love the Wolf King food!!”

“Love your food.”

“Our pets have been eating Solid Gold for at least 8 yrs.”

“Our cat, Lovey, had stubborn dandruff for years. Within a few days of switching to a Solid Gold diet (Katz-n-Flocken and gourmet canned food) her dandruff disappeared and never returned. We are sending you Lovey’s video, Lovey the Cat Works Out, to show you that Solid Gold gives her loads of energy, too.”  See Lovey’s Video.

“We found out about Solid Gold from our Pug’s breeder. We then switched our cats over to Indigo Moon. That and the SeaMeal has made a huge difference in our fat, lazy cats. Barking at the Moon, helped my golden regain muscle mass thank you!”

“I rescue large dogs and the Hund n Flocken has been great for all of them!”

“Thanks for the free treats. My dog has been eating SG since he was a puppy, and my cat for several years now. They are happy and healthy!”

“We just adopted a yellow lab female 2-yr-old through Midwest Animal Rescue and want to give her healthy food.”

“I was feeding my dogs a cheaper brand of dog food that they didn’t like and they started to lose a lot of weight. I got a sample of solid gold at the local Dog Fair and they loved it.”

“Our dog loves the food. Has for years, since Dawn and Ed sold in a small store close to our home. Thanks for the special deal. He loves the garlic bagels!”

“I love your products! Seameal has really done a lot of good for my dog Stella.”

“I love the food and would love to try the treats.”

‘Thank you. I am a loyal customer and advocate Solid Gold to all of my pet training clients!!”

“Love the size of the pieces of dog food. I use the Adult Beef for my Chihuahua/Rat Terrier/ Dachshund mix. She use to eat so fast without chewing it, and she needed to chew for her teeth. I wish I could buy all my dog food as a bone. I think it would be healthier for them to slow down eating and increase chewing.”

“My two dogs, Emma and Milo, LOVE the Wolf King food! Lilli, my cat loves her Katz-n-Flocken. You make great products!”

“Love, love, love Solid Gold! 3 dogs, 1 cat.”

“We feed our two boxers Solid Gold food and have always been very happy with this food. Thanks for the free treats…love it.”

“My dog has a outstanding coat because of your food. and she’s very healthy too. Thank you!”

“Love your products!!”

“We love and tell everyone about your Solid Gold food. Really helped our dogs when they started to have skin allergy problems. 2 Bichons.”

“My Maggie eats Barking at the Moon because she gets UTI’s too easily on other foods. Barking at the Moon has saved me the pain of seeing her in pain from UTI’s.”

“I wouldn’t feed my dogs anything but Solid Gold. They are so healthy & coats are so shiny.”

“We love your food.”

“My dog was losing her hair, coughing up “hairballs”, and suffering from an acidic stomach. I began feeding her the Holistique recipe and things really seem to be turning around for the better. THANK YOU!”


“Both of my pound puppies – Miss Molly the Dog and Keegan aka Discovery Channel love Solid Gold. Miss Molly has a rather tender tummy and although I was apprehensive when I switched her over from the Natural Life Lambaderm that she had been eating for the past 8 years, she had no problems adjusting to the WolfKing. Keegan “Discovery Channel” came to me with his little bag of Hund -n-Flocken and also has had no problems adjusting to the WolfKing. They are both happy, healthy, active dogs.”

“Thank you for a great product. I am glad our co-op (Whole Foods Co-op in Duluth) is carrying it!”

“We have 3 Weimeraners ranging from 7 years to 8 weeks. We’ve used nothing but solid gold. We love the wolf club and have graduated to the wolf king. Our Champion eats Millennia Exclusively. Thank you for creating such a great product!”

“We tried at least 4 or 5 kinds of dog food for our Great Dane, and Solid Gold Beef and Barley did the trick for her. We slowly switched our 2 basset hounds over to it as well, so they’d all be on the same food. Kind of expensive when we have to buy a bag every 3 weeks, but it works for all of them.”

“We have found that Solid Gold worked well for one of our dogs with allergies.”

“Love your products!! I have ‘turned’ quite a few of my friends on to your line. Keep up the good work, thanks.”

“I love your food and so do my dogs!”

“My Lab LOVES Solid Gold.”

“Some of the best pet food on the market!”

“Greetings to Ed and Dawn, if they are still with the company! Our dog is very happy that you convinced us to buy the best, “the herring that swims in the middle”! Ha! Ha!”

“I love the products!!!”

“Great product.”

“We have used your products (food and supplements) with our cocker spaniels for the last 15 years and are very pleased with the results.”

“I have been feeding my Great Dane Solid Gold Wolf King for approximately 4-5 years. I also have been giving my Great Dane Solid Gold canned dog food as a supplement. My great Dane also enjoys the soft treats.”

“Thank-you! We have used Wolf King for years and I expect our animals will enjoy your treats too.”

“My Westies (3 yrs & 11 yrs) are doing very well on your dog food… I have had no skin problems to speak of and I supplement with Sea Meal.”

“We’ve been using Solid Gold products for years – great product!”

“Love your product! One of our dogs has allergy issues and I really appreciate the type of product you produce.”

“My dogs have both loved Wolf King from the day we got them!”

“Dog loves the food and I like the variety.”

“I’ve been feeding Solid Gold for many years, in fact, I used to have it shipped to me before a local retailer started stocking it.”

“I love feeding my dog Sold Gold products. She deserves to have the best of the best. Thank you SO much!”

“I feed WolfKing to my two Belgian Turverens. They love it!”

“This is our third dog to be raised with Solid Gold.”

“My current dog and my last dog have been fed Solid Gold exclusively.

‘The Cinnabone Biscuits are my dog’s favorite treat.”

“My dog and all the cats have been eating Hund-n- Flocken & Katz-n- Flocken for years and are all healthy & happy. Everyone remarks on how soft their coats are! My dog loves the garlic bagels so thank you and thank you again!”

“HUGE fans of your Berry Balance! Haven’t had a single trip to the vet since we started adding it to our cat’s food, it’s a miracle product!”

“Every UTI/vet visit cost us nearly $400 (4 in 12 months), and a container of Berry Balance is less than $20 and lasts forever! My cat is happier and healthier, and I am much richer, lol.