Introducing Home Range – Bully’s, Chews, & Bones for Dogs

HR_logo-clear_1_410xWe are excited to announce our partnership with Home Range! Home Range is a Canadian brand known as Open Range in Canada. Home Range will be replacing Natural Farm as our Body Part line in our catalog. They have a great lineup of natural, high-quality, and unique products for dogs. 


Together Metal Display

Home Range 2

Home Range

Natural Farm Highlights: 

  • All natural, high-quality products
  • Ethically raised and sustainably sourced 
  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • Novel SKUs such as bull tail and kangaroo tail 
  • Available in POP display cases with larger SKUs available in bagged quantities. 
    • Most popular SKUs available in smaller POP boxes
  • Metal Rack Display 
  • Cardboard Display available for smaller POP boxes and smaller sets
  • Products great for light to hard chewers 

Natural Farm Lineup:

Odor Control Bully’s – 

  • Bully Sticks 5-6″, 11-12″, 32-36″
  • Supreme Bully Stick 11-12″
  • Bully Braid 11-12″ 
  • Bully Ring 

Beef Chompers – 

  • Esophagus Chomper Jerky 5-6″, 11-12″
  • Esophagus Chomper Braid 5-6″, 11-12″
  • Esophagus Chomper Stuffed 5-6″ 
  • Chomper Wrapped Backstrap 8-11″

Bones – 

  • Cured Bone 6″ 
  • Cured Large Knuckle Bone 

Water Buffalo Sticks – 

  • Bully Stick 11-12″
  • Bully Braid 9-12″ 
  • Collage Stick 11-12″ 

Miscellaneous Parts – 

  • Bull Tail
  • Beef Furs-bee
  • Beef Furs-bee Fetch Stick 18-22″
  • Beef Tendon 5-8″
  • Beef Trachea 12″
  • Beef Tripe Twist 5″
  • Beef Cheeky Bully Stick 8-10″
  • Beef Collagen Stick 11-12″, 22-24″
  • Beef Cheek Stick + Esophagus 8-10″
  • Kangaroo ROO Tails 7-9”
  • Kangaroo Steak Strips 100g Bag
  • Tilapia Low Odor Fish Skins


An ISO is available at Northland. We welcome your questions on how to bring Home Range into your store.

Home Range

Home Range dog treats taste great and they’re healthy and nutritious. They are dedicated to the health and well-being of all dogs and to providing the highest quality, all natural, best tasting products raised without the use of steroids, hormones, antibiotics, and no added preservatives.

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