Introducing Nandi of Africa – Treats, Chews & Bones for Dogs

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We are thrilled to announce the addition of Nandi, of Africa, to our brand lineup. Their name is derived from the word mnandi which is “delicious” in isiZulu, the language of the Zulu people of South Africa. Nandi is made up of a team of animal-loving social entrepreneurs who focus on quality and sustainability across their entire business and brand. Nandi features treats, chews & bones made from unique African proteins.

Catalog ShotBrand Highlights:

  • Uniquely African proteins such as Ostrich & Nguni Beef
  • All ingredients are classed as human-grade
  • Sustainable food systems and practices
  • Packaging is made from recycled materials
  • All products are made in Nandi’s South African world-class kitchen


Product Lines

Nandi Freeze-Dried Treats:


Nandi Freeze-Dried Treats are great high-reward treats. These treats are single-ingredient and made up of 100% organ meat. They are available in 4 African sourced proteins – Ostrich, Venison, Beef, & Lamb. They come in 2 ounce resealable bags and can be ordered individually or by the case (6 bags to a case).

Group Sprinkles

Nandi Freeze-Dried Meat Sprinkles:

Nandi Freeze-Dried Sprinkles are made just like their freeze-dried treats but in sprinkle form! These meat sprinkles are a great way to add a boost of natural flavor and nutrition to your dog’s diet. Just sprinkle a pinch or two over their dry or wet food – it’s that easy! These are available in Ostrich and Venison proteins and come in 2 oz shakers. They can be ordered individually or by the case (12 shakers to a case).

Group Jerky

Nandi Jerky Strips:

Nandi Jerky Strips are great anytime snacks! They are made using all-natural ingredients in Nandi’s South African world-class kitchen. The strips are guaranteed to contain more than 50% pure meat trimmings. That means no mechanically separated or deboned meat. They are slow-dried and smoked with real hardwoods. These are available in Ostrich, Venison, Beef, & Lamb varieties. They come in 5.3 ounce resealable bags and can be purchased individually or by the case (6 bags to a case).

Group Chews

Nandi Chews:

Nandi Chews are great functional treats. They help eliminate bad breath and improve dental health. Like the Jerky Strips, these are also slow-dried and smoked with hardwoods. They take special care to make sure these chews will give maximum chew time and taste. These are available in Ostrich, Beef Pizzle & Beef Tendon. They come in 3.5 ounce resealable bags and can be purchased individually or by the case (6 bags to a case).

Group Bones

Nandi Bones:

Nandi Bones are great boredom busters and help keep dogs entertained for long periods of time. All of Nandi’s Bones are marinated, slow-dried & smoked with natural hardwoods. Nandi has a unique process that allows them to preserve the marrow inside each bone for added nutrients and flavor! Nandi Bones are available in Ostrich, Beef, Venison, & Antelope. Contact us for sizing and case info.


An ISO is available at Northland. We welcome your questions to determine how these innovative and healthy new treats fit your store.


Nandi is a dog treat, chew & bone line. They feature unique African proteins such as Ostrich and Nguni Beef. Nandi focuses on building sustainable food systems and practices. They only partner with farmers who share their commitment to animal welfare and sustainable food systems.

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