Introducing Natural Farm – Chews & Bones for Dogs


Northland is excited to announce our partnership with Natural Farm! We had a request to bring in Natural Farm and after reviewing their products and talking with their team, we knew they would be a perfect fit for our catalog! Natural Farm has a ton of natural, high-quality, and unique products for dogs. 

POP Together

Bagged Together

Natural Farm Highlights: 

  • Consistently safe, high-quality products 
  • Made in their own human-grade, FDA and USDA-approved facilities 
  • Premium ingredients sourced from Brazilian farms
  • Available in POP display cases as well as pouches
  • Pouches are made from sugar cane
  • Products great for light to hard chewers 

Natural Farm Lineup:

Bully Cheeks- Made with all-natural beef cheek muscle sourced from premium, grass-fed cattle.

  • 6″ Braided Bully Check Sticks (3 Pack Bag)
  • 6″ Bully Cheek Stick (POP Display – 100ct)
  • 5-6″ Bully Cheek Springs (POP Display – 24ct)

Power Bully Sticks – Made from premium, all-natural beef cheek muscle, and beef pizzle.

  • 6″ Jumbo Power Bully Stick (POP Display – 40ct)
  • 12″ Jumbo Power Bully Stick (POP Display – 20ct)

Odor-Free Bully Sticks – Sourced from premium, grass-fed cattle.

  • 6″ Bully Sticks Odor Free (3 Pack Bag)
  • 12″ Bully Sticks Odor Free (2 Pack Bag)
  • 5-6″ Bully Springs Odor Free (3 Pack Bag)
  • 6″ Jumbo Bully Stick Odor Free (POP Display – 60ct)
  • 12″ Jumbo Bully Stick Odor Free  (POP Display – 30ct)

Bones – Made from sustainably sourced, high-quality bones. 

  • Cow Hooves (POP Display – 25ct)
  • Peanut Butter Stuffed Cow Hooves  (POP Display – 25ct)
  • 5-6″ Sweet Potato Filled Bone (POP Display – 10ct)

Collagen Chews – Made with all-natural beef skin from premium, grass-fed cattle.

  • 6″ Collagen Sticks (5 Pack Bag)
  • 12″ Collagen Sticks (3 Pack Bag)
  • 6″ Peanut Butter Collagen Sticks (3 Pack Bag)
  • 5-6″ Collagen Spring (POP Display – 40ct)
  • 9-12″ Collagen Spring (POP Display – 18ct)
  • 3-4″ Collagen Ring (POP Display – 40ct)
  • 6″ Peanut Butter Collagen Stick (POP Display – 100ct)
  • 12″ Peanut Butter Collagen Stick (POP Display – 40ct)
  • 6″ Chicken Stuffed Collagen Stick (POP Display – 50ct)
  • Jumbo Stuffed Collagen with Bully (POP Display – 60ct)

Natural Parts – Sustainably sourced from the highest quality and ethically raised proteins.

  • 3″ Beef Trachea (12 Pack Bag)
  • Beef Tendon Rings (3 Pack Bag)
  • Beef Tendon Chips (5.2oz Bag)
  • Chicken Feet (6 Pack Bag) 
  • Chicken Fillet Strips ( 6oz Bag)
  • Pig Ears (3 Pack Bag)
  • 6″ Beef Trachea (POP Display – 20ct)
  • 12″ Beef Trachea (POP Display – 10ct)
  • 12″ Jerky Wrapped Beef Trachea (POP Display – 10ct)
  • 9-12″ Beef Tendon (POP Display – 20ct)

Oceanic – Made from premium, sustainably sourced anchovies.

  • Whole Anchovies (3oz Bag)


An ISO is available at Northland. We welcome your questions on how to bring Natural Farm into your store.

Natural Farm

Natural Farm was born when they wanted to present the pet industry with what it lacked the most: natural dog chews, treats, and bones, sustainably sourced from local suppliers and produced in their own human-grade, FDA- and USDA-approved facilities, where every product is lab tested for quality and contamination.

Northland Natural Pet

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