Jojoba Skin & Coat Conditioner

Jojoba Oil penetrates deep into the three layers of the skin to help rebuild damaged cell tissues. Use as a rinse after shampooing. Can also be diluted and sprayed onto a dry coat as a conditioner and detangler.

As a cream rinse, dilute 6:1 with warm water. Massage or spray into the coat, and only half rinse off. Dogs may become itchy in the spring and fall as they renew their winter or summer coats. Our soothing Jojoba skin and coat conditioner can help with this.

For dry hot spots, we recommend using two capfuls of Jojoba conditioner, diluted in half a cup of warm water and poured directly on the irritated area. This conditioner will help to replenish oil back into the skin, from the outside, in. Solid Gold Flax Seed Oil can be added to the food to replace lost oils from the inside. These products will impart a superb shine to the coat.

Available in 8 oz. and 1 gallon sizes.