Kudos to Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Litter!

Peeing outside the litter box is the number one reason cats end up unwanted and in shelters.  Urinary tract infections are common in cat, so confirm there is not a medical problem.  Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litters are a favorite choice for both cat owners and cats alike…happy day!

Today’s post is provided by guest blogger Janet Roper. Janet is host of Talk2theAnimalsRadio as well as an animal advocate and animal communicator. She is happily owned and managed by three cats, 2 dogs and a horse.

If you have a cat, kitty litter is an important part of your life. I have three cats, two males and a female. The guys could care less about the kitty litter. As long as there is litter in the box, they are good to go. Literally.

My 20ish something female Mitzie is another matter. She is very demanding and discerning when it comes to kitty litter.  Her requirements for the perfect (purrfect?) kitty litter have led me through the complexities of the world of kitty litter.

I researched and talked to many cat lovers about the pros and cons of different litters. I went through a period where I purchased a different type of litter to try each time I went shopping.

The cats and I quickly grew tired of the trial and error method of choosing a litter.

I finally tried Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Kitty Litter and that is now the ‘official kitty litter’ at the Roper household.  My three cats enjoy this litter and there is no longer that litter box cat smell in the house. It’s super easy for me to keep the boxes clean, and since it’s 99% dust free, it’s also easy to keep the area around the boxes clean. Life doesn’t get much better than that!


Janet Roper

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