Northland Employee Benefits

Dental Benefits- Delta Dental

Eligibility – 1st of the month after 30 days of employment

Open enrollment is yearly in October.  Plan year begins November 1.

1. Review Plan Coverage  –  Solutions 1500 – Plan overview – learn the details of the plan.

Monthly Employee cost (deducted from the 1st paycheck of each month)

Employee  – $10 month

Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner * – $20 month

Employee + Child(ren) – $25 month

Family * – $30 month

*Spouse/Domestic Partner is eligible if they are not covered under another employee-sponsored Dental Plan.

*Complete  Affidavit Spouse/Domestic Partner Dental Care Coverage


2. Complete & Return Eligibility Enrollment – New Participant Form to or hand-in to Missy Winter.


3. If applicable, Complete  & Return Affidavit Spouse/Domestic Partner Dental Coverage Dental Care Coverage to or hand-in to Missy Winter.


4. Missy will provide you with your enrollment card when it arrives.


Get familiar:

Find a dentist here Our plan includes both the PPO and Premier Network of providers.  PPO Network will be that lowest prices.

PPO VS Premier Networks – Two Networks More Choices

The Delta Dental Difference – MN

Phone 800-553- 9536 – Delta Dental Group Services – Option 1 (member and employees)

Eligibility Enrollment – Update/Change Form – Use this form to make changes to your enrollment.


Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)

Eligibility – 1st of the month after 90 days of employment

How to get started – Complete Attestation Form  & return it to HR & HR will enroll you in the plan.

  • $200 per month ($2400.00/annually) are contributed to your account. (2021)
  • The plan year Begins annually on March 1.
  • Any unused dollars are forfeited at the end of each year.
  • you have 30 days at the end of each plan year to make any final claims for the passing year.

HRA Portal – view your account, enter claims.

Other than Health Insurance Premiums – Here is some guidance to common covered medical expenses:

502 Publication