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Super Snout Hemp CompanySuper Snouts Hemp Co. offers an expanding collection of  CBD products for pets.

Cannabinoids (CBDs)  are a product of hemp, a variety of the cannabis plant.  High quality CBD products for pets (like Super Snouts Hemp Co. oils) are specifically derived from hemp plants which naturally contain lower levels of THC (the compound that creates a high) & higher levels of CBDs (the beneficial elements). In Super Snouts products  the THC is removed.


 Super Snouts CBD Oil Highlights:

  • Veterinarian Approved
  • Strict product quality standards
  • Super Snouts Product Guarantee
  • Zero THC = zero tolerance for any levels of THC
  • 100% USA grown & made from the soil to the oil
  • No harmful chemicals or solvents are used to process the oil
  • Sourcing & production is vertically integrated and completely controlled
  • The plants are grown in Kentucky & Colorado under strict organic farming practices and in compliance with the Federal Farm Bill (Section 7606).
  • A proprietary engineering process isolates & removes unwanted compounds while maintaining the maximum potency of desired cannabinoids
  • Every batch of product is lab tested & third party verified by independent labs across the USA for safety and quality
  • Available oils include pure CBD Isolate in 150 & 300 mg. potencies
  • And Full Spectrum CBD in 90, 150, 300 & 600 mg. potencies
  • Potency Reports are posted on The Super Snouts Website.

Super Snouts Hemp Co. Products:Super Snout Hemp Co. Balm


  • Topical balm, for external use only
  • 150 mg. potency/1 oz. jar
  • MSRP: 150 mg. 1 oz. jar $34.99
  • Recommended for dogs only (due to lavender oil)

Potential uses & benefits for The BALM may include:

  • Reducing or relieving hot-spots, rashes & skin conditions
  • Reducing or relieving soreness, muscle tension & cramps

Ingredients for The BALM include:

  • CBD Oil
  • Candelilla Wax
  • Lavender
  • Coconut Oil
  • Hemp Oil Extract

CBD Gel Caps:

  • Water soluble Gel Caps
  • 30 ct. 10 mg. potency each
  • Prolonged absorption in G.I. = more effective
  • Recommended for large dogs or severe cases
  • MSRP: 30 ct. 10 mg. potency ea. $59.99

Pure CBD Isolate:Super Snout CBD Oil Northland

  • CBD Isolate is 99%+ pure Cannabidiol (CBD) isolated from the hemp extract.
  • Each 1 oz dropper bottle contains approximately 30 Servings for a 25 lb. dog
  • Give 1/2 dropper orally for each 25 lbs. of body weight 2x per day
  • MSRP: 150 mg. $25.99, 300 mg. $45.99
  • Read FAQ’s on CBD Isolate on the Super Snouts Website


Full Spectrum CBD:

Full Spectrum CBD oil is a full plant extract and has a comprehensive profile of cannabinoids including Cannabidiol, Cannabichromene, Cannabigerol & Cannabinol. It also includes terpenes, flavonoids and many essential vitamins & minerals plus fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll & fiber.

  • Each 1 oz dropper bottle contains approximately 30 Servings for a 50 lb. dog
  • Give 1/4 dropper orally for each 25 lbs. of body weight 2x per day
  • MSRP: 90 mg. $19.99, 150 mg. $39.99 & 300 mg. $64.99
  • Read FAQ’s on CBD Full Spectrum on the Super Snouts Website

Coming Soon:Super Snouts Hemp Co. Chews

  • SS IMMUNITY Mushroom + CBD Chews -30 per jar
  • SS CHILL OUT Calming + CBD Chews – 30 per jar
  • SS JOINT POWER + CBD Chews – 30 per jar


An ISO on all Super Snouts Hemp Co. Products is available at Northland. We welcome your questions to determine if Super Snouts CBD Oil Products belong in your store.

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