New! Dr. Elsey’s Cat Food


Dr. Elsey’s Quality Products for Cats (the makers of your favorite litter) just launched their Veterinarian formulated high protein, grain-free foods for cats.

“Given the option cats exclusively choose high protein food over high carb food, even when there is less high protein food available. That’s why we’re introducing Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein.” – Dr. Elsey

Dr. Elsey’s Clean Protein features:


  • 90% of the protein is from high quality animal proteins
  • Emulates protein levels found in a cat’s natural diet
  • Slows age-related loss of lean body mass
  • Hunger management = healthier weight
  • Balanced nutrition & added moisture
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Low glycemic ingredients
  • No-to-low oxalate levels
  • Grain & gluten free
  • No fillers or preservatives
  • Meaty, fragrant, fresh pâté

5 Wet Flavors include:

  • Beef
  • Salmon
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Whitefish

Cans 5.0 oz. 24-case. MSRP $1.99/can

Dry Flavors include:

  • Chicken Recipe
  • Salmon Recipe

Dry bags 2 lb. & 6.6 lb.   MSRP $16.39 & 46.99

For a more in depth look into Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein Food for Cats follow this link.


An ISO on Dr Elsey’s Clean Protein Canned Cat Food is currently available at Northland. We welcome your questions to determine if Dr. Elsey’s Clean Protein foods are a good fit for your store.

Dr. Elsey’s Quality Products for Cats

Dr. Bruce Elsey has been a feline only veterinarian for over 35 years and his goal is to provide products that help cats live happier, healthier lives. Dr. Elsey’s is the maker of 99.9% dust free Precious Cat scoop-able litters and Cat Attract Litter. These litters feature the texture, particle size and “paw feel” to create the ideal litter box environment for your cats.

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