NEW Natural Farm Bones, Dental Treats & Natbones


We are excited to announce that we are bringing in new Natural Farm products! We brought in the brand about 6 months ago and the response has been amazing. We are excited to have more products to offer our customers! 

Natural Farm

NEW Natural Farm Lineup:

Bones –  A great source of minerals and protein, stimulating stronger bones, teeth, and muscles.

  • Beef Knee Caps (3 Pack Bag)
  • 6″ Cow Ribs (6 Pack Bag)
  • Smoked Beef Shinbone (POP Display – 5ct)
  • Smoked Pork Femur (POP Display – 6ct)

Dental Treats – Help to fight tarter & plaque, freshen breath, and are easily digestible!

  • Mini (11 Pack Bag)
  • Small (10 Pack Bag)
  • Regular (12 Pack Bag)

Natbones – Formulated with real meat and backed with superfoods. 

  • Beef (12 Pack Bag)
  • Chicken (12 Pack Bag)
  • Lamb (12 Pack Bag)


An ISO is available at Northland. We welcome your questions on how to bring Natural Farm into your store.

Natural Farm

Natural Farm was born when they wanted to present the pet industry with what it lacked the most: natural dog chews, treats, and bones, sustainably sourced from local suppliers and produced in their own human-grade, FDA- and USDA-approved facilities, where every product is lab tested for quality and contamination.

Northland Natural Pet

We are happy to assist in choosing products for your pet. Please contact us for personal assistance.

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