NEW Solid Gold Mighty Mini Proteins


Northland is excited to announce that we are bringing in two additional proteins from the Solid Gold Mighty Mini line to complete the Mighty Mini lineup! With the Turkey variety being discontinued, we will now be offering all 4 of the Mighty Mini Proteins – Chicken, Lamb, Beef, & Salmon with Beef & Salmon being new to Northland.

SOLID GOLD Product Sets Mighty MiniThe Mighty Mini Dry Kibble line is gluten-free, grain-free, and perfect for toy & small breed dogs. All four varieties are packed with easily digestible protein, Solid Gold’s unique blend of nutrient-dense superfoods, and omega fatty acids to provide gut health and overall immune support. The Mighty Mini dry kibble pairs well with the Mighty Mini wet cups and the NEW Mighty Mini Treats!

Mighty Mini Dry Kibble Lineup:

  • Chicken, Chickpea & Pumpkin
  • Lamb, Sweet Potato & Cranberry
  • Beef, Sweet Potato & Apple (New @ Northland)
  • Salmon, Lentil & Green Bean (New @ Northland)

All four varieties are available in 4lb & 11lb bags.


An ISO is available at Northland. We welcome your questions on how to bring Mighty Mini line into your store.

Solid Gold

Solid Gold offers a complete line of health products for pets, including food, supplements, and treats to promote your pet’s health. Solid Gold specializes in the development of “non-allergenic” products, which work together to enhance total health, boost the immune system, and protect against disease.

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