NEW Solid Gold Seameal Squeeze for Cats!

SG new logo - no periodWe’re excited for Solid Gold’s latest innovation for cats – Seameal Squeeze a healthy, easy to feed treat/topper!



Benefits of Seaweed:

  • Contains fiber which promotes gut health
  • Provides antioxidants for immune support
  • Great source of vitamins & minerals including
    • Vitamin A | supports eyesight
    • Vitamin B | supports healthy blood cells
    • Iodine & Tyrosine | supports thyroid function & metabolism
  • Provides amino acids like glutamate which promote brain health
  • Improves skin & coat health (excessive shedding, hot spots, flaky skin)

Seameal Squeeze for Cats:

  • Mousse cat treat/topper in creamy gravy
  • Cats love the smell & taste of seaweed
  • Only 7 Ingredients featuring:
    • Fiber-rich seaweed for digestive health
    • Flaxseed oil for skin & coat health
  • Available in three varieties
    • Seameal Squeeze with Chicken in Gravy
      • Chicken broth, chicken, tapioca starch, dried seaweed meal, yeast extract, flaxseed oil
    • Seameal Squeeze with Tuna in Gravy
      • Fish broth, tuna, tapioca starch, dried seaweed meal, yeast extract, flaxseed oil
  • Each package comes with 4 individually wrapped servings
  • Packages come in a 12 ct. display-ready box (2 boxes per case)
  • Available in 2 oz. packages (4/0.5 oz. tubes per package) in cases of 24


Add to a growing category – wet cat products in non-can packaging and take advantage of the popularity of seaweed. A mix & match ISO is available at Northland. We welcome your questions to determine how these innovative new products fit your store.

Solid Gold

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