Northland Pet Staff Favorites: Things We Love


Here at Solid Gold Northland Headquarters, we spend a lot of time talking about animals. We share stories of our pets, we talk about ingredients and great products and are always ‘in the know’ about current pet-related events.

We thought, that once a month, we would bring you a non-pet related post about US! One Friday a month, we will share a post full of things that we, the staff, love in our lives!

Feel free to leave us a comment below and share some of your favorite things with us!


Dawn {owner of Solid Gold Northland}:

For Christmas my husband Al gave me a Fitbit!  I love it. I had started going to the gym in October and the Fitbit adds to the fun. Tracking my movement for the day motives me to meet my daily goal of 10,000 steps.


I work from my desk much of the time + being what many might call a “workaholic”- lack of movement can become an unhealthy problem.  I am very happy to be moving!  I recently spent the day at the Magic Kingdom and hit 29,504 steps; my highest day yet! I am looking forward to summer in Minnesota and having my best moving summer yet!


Jill {customer relations}:

Growing Vegetables 101—My relatively new Nutritarian diet has prompted me to grow some of my own vegetables this year—something I have not done in over 12 years.  I am trying to learn what will grow best in my space and the prep needed for the most success!


Missy {Products and Events Specialist}:

With spring around the corner, I have been really into using my juicer.  This week it’s all about the Green Juices that remind me of summer!


Tami {Junior Client Representative}:

Right now I am very excited about getting seeds started and working out garden/planting maps. I am super excited about lemon cucumbers again, and am trying Dragon’s Egg Cucumbers this year. (I am a Game of Thrones nut and a cucumber addict.) Also, figuring out how to keep an eighty-pound puppy that has never seen a garden out of one is sure to be interesting.


 Diana {Marketing Communications Manager & Content Writer}:

Right now, I am dreaming about getting back on my race bike! This summer, I will be riding the MS 150, 100 miles of RAGBRAI {an annual bike ride across Iowa}, and competing in my very first triathlon. This never-ending winter has me begging Mother Nature to back down and let me get back on the bike!


Maggie {front reception & administrative}:

I am obsessed with Trulia! Just got pre-approved and am in an exciting search for my very first dream home with my new husband!


Adam {Warehouse Manager}:

I am really excited about using a new recipe and creating a homemade vegetable lasagna!


Glen {Warehouse Team Member}:

I am enjoying working on my very first comic book, called ‘Work Time.’ I really enjoy drawing and am excited to create the characters.


Heidi {Northland Delivery Driver}:

I have 5 chickens at home and I love watching them interact together. Four of them are still laying and I am sure they are all ready for spring!



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