Dried-N-Alive Pet Food

Gently dried pet food. Feed dry or rehydrate.

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Dried-N-Alive Pet Food LogoDNA Pet Food, also known as Dried-N-Alive  is non-extruded, low temperature dried, resulting in nutritionally alive dog and cat food made without  starch fillers such as grain or potato currently found in most commercial dog foods. DNA is complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages.

DNA gently air-dried dog foods derives over 80% of dietary calories from high quality  animal meat and fat sources.  DNA starts out as a complete and balanced raw food that is void of the large amounts of grain and/or potatoes found in most traditional pet foods.   DNA is carefully dried at low temperatures (180° F / 82°C)  to deliver pathogen-free raw food nutrition in a dry form.

Your dog or cat will enjoy DNA dried or better yet, add warm water and rehydrate back to its original meaty form.

It’s simple and nutritious- 60% meat, 15% whole egg, 15% whole fruits and veggies and 10% oil.


Dried-N-Alive Dog Food

Four formulas for dogs: (60% meat)

Chicken Formula • Lamb Formula • Venison and Salmon Formula • Beef Formula


Five formulas for cats (80% meat)

Beef & Liver • Beef & Tuna • Chicken & Liver • Salmon & Liver • Turkey & Rabbit

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Nice treat


Charlene G.-Minneapolis, Minnesota – Dogs: 1

Name of Product: Dried-N-Alive beef formula

2 Features: Whole fruits & veggies and no starch fillers

2 Benefits: My dog loved the taste

Review: Great treat to put on top of regular food !! My dog eats it first then will eat the rest of his food.

Recommended for: All dogs


 “Fantastic Food”

Tommy G – Minneapolis, MN- Dogs: 3 to 4 Cats: 2

Name of Product: Dried-N-Alive Dog & Cat food

2 Features: Easy to use and Wonderful list of ingredients

2 Benefits: Dogs and Cats alike adore the product. A lot easier to use than can food.

Con: Might be a bit pricey, but it is an awesome addition to my pets Solid Gold diets.

Review: This is just a great product. I have been a faithful Solid Gold for over 10 years and I feed mostly dry food to both my cats and dogs but I hate dealing with mess of can food this Dried-N-Alive food will be a great replacement for the can food I use. Still a strong believer in Solid Gold but this new product will be something I continue to use.

Recommended for: All dogs & cats


“Great Multi Use Food”

Desiree L – Bloomington MN – Dogs: 9 Cats: 2

Name of Product: DNA Cat and Dog Food

2 Features: real ingredients, grain free

2 Benefits: Palatable, easy to use

Con:  It’s an expensive food, understandably, but costs too much to feed multiple dogs. I used it in multiple ways to extend the amount I had been given.

Review: This was a great food! I have one dog who is not food motivated in any way but LOVED the DNA so I used it at a kibble topper by adding a small amount to her dry food, she gobbled it up! Also, I used it for training treats for the same dog because it’s so tasty, she loved training!

Also, my cats are two PICKY feline ladies, but they LOVED the DNA as well. I gave it dry, not too much interest, but with some water it moistened up without the nasty mushy effect most foods get and they “chowed” it down so fast! I might feed it to them more often because its more cost effective to feed it to them with only having two cats.

THANK YOU SOLID GOLD! you guys are an AMAZING company and have great products! I foster, as well as take in strays. Your samples help me feed my pets so I can help others! You guys rock!

Recommended for: All dogs and cats


“Love This Food”

Jennifer M. – Minneapolis, Minnesota – Cats: 2

Name of Product: Dried -N-Alive Cat Food

2 Features: Air-dried raw food; very healthy ingredients

2 Benefits: Easy to store and prepare. My cats love the taste but don’t overeat as they do with canned or dry food.

Con: Not sure of the price so can’t comment on that yet.

Review: This food works great as a healthy supplement to my cats’ regular diet. They like the taste and have no issues with digesting it. It seems to satisfy their hunger as they don’t eat it all at once or hang around their food dishes wanting more. I have tried other raw foods, both in a dried form and food that had to be kept frozen until ready to eat. Both types took more time and care to prepare and neither were as palatable to my cats as this brand is and I ended up throwing much of it away. Not an issue with this particular raw food source. Am very pleased. Thank you.

Recommended for: All cats


“great travel dog food”

Alice G – Minneapolis, MN – Dogs: 3

Name of Product: Dried-N-Alive Dog Food

2 Features: convenient and healthy

2 Benefits: dogs loved it long shelve life

Con: none

Review: My dogs all loved it wet or dry.

Recommended for: All dogs


“The dogs could not get enough”

Lindsey L – Rosemount, MN -Dogs: 4

Name of Product: Dried-N-Alive dog food

2 Features: natural and healthy

2 Benefits: dogs were less gassy, more energy

Con: For feeding four dogs it is a little pricey

Review: I have dogs that are picky eaters and most of the time they hesitate when I give them new things. This they scarfed down right away.

Recommended for: All dogs


“Wow this was loved by all”

Kathy F – Inver Grove Hgts, MN – Dogs: 8 Cats: 6

Name of Product: Dried-N-Alive

2 Features: very healthy ingredients. Small enough to use as a treat

2 Benefits: My dogs and my fosters loved this food. I put on top of their kibble. Very high quality ingredients

Con: Would guess this is a more expensive product so would probably have to put onto of kibble or use as treat.

Review: This food was loved by all. Have a dog who has not eaten anything with beef in it for 4 years. He ate that and all the other flavors readily. This was a very popular food. Appears to be a high quality product with great ingredients. Tolerated well no upset stomachs.

Recommended for: All dogs


 “Crazy for this!”

Kathy K – Minneapolis MN – Dogs: 3 Cats: 2

Name of Product: Dried and Alive

2 Features: Convenient , Alive Food!

2 Benefits: Easy to use, Dogs really like this.

Con: My dogs go crazy waiting for this to re-hydrate at dinner time. I try to save a little bit in the fridge from the previous meal for pre-dinner treats.

Review: We used DNA as the ’special topping’ on our dogs regular premium kibble. This was very appealing to them and saved me time from preparing meat to top their food. I also used this while traveling to a dog show and it was very convenient for traveling!

Recommended for: All pets


“The incredible edible squares”

Carley R – Saint Paul, MN – Dogs: 3 Cats: 0

Name of Product: Dried-n-alive pet food

2 Features: No starch fillers, for all life stages

2 Benefits: Natural and doesn’t get soggy

Con: Food doesn’t last as long as I thought it would. I would add it to my current food

Review: The dogs LOVED this product. I even used it as treats a few times. It didn’t last that long so I didn’t notice any huge changes, but their coats seemed a little healthier.

Recommended for: Pet with allergies, Senior, Finicky Eaters


“Bruno Loves this food”

Caroline N – Minneapolis, MN – Dogs: 1 Cats: 0

Name of Product: DNA Dog Food

2 Features: Grain-free, no fillers, no corn

2 Benefits: Tastes great, healthy – no starchy fillers

Con: none

Review: Bruno loves this food so much that he jumped up on the counter the first time I mixed it up for him since it smelled so good.
I’m so happy that he loves the taste because it’s so healthy for him, no corn and no starchy fillers.

Recommended for: Overweight Pet, Finicky Eaters


“They all loved it”

Robin K. – Hutchinson, MN – Dogs: 5 Cats: 0

Name of Product: Dried And Alive

2 Features: Healthy ingredients and flavor the dogs love

2 Benefits: All my dogs loved the taste and they seemed to have more energy

Con: It is pretty expensive to feed this product to 5 dogs daily, so I rotate it in once a week.

Review: All 5 of my dogs loved the product. I’ve used the product in their toys when I leave for work and they rush to grab a toy to get the product out. Not one of my dogs turned up their nose at the product–especially my 2 fussy eaters. They couldn’t get enough of it.

Recommended for: All Pets


“More Please”

Renee B. – Minneapolis – Dogs: 3 Cats: 1

Name of Product: Dried -N- Alive Pet Food

2 Features: no starch fillers and balanced nutrition

2 Benefits: dogs love it dry or wet

Con: none

Review: They loved every bag and it made no difference if it was eaten dry or I added warm water to soften it. I mostly add water to the kibbles toward the end of the bag when it gets very crumbly because the older dogs coughs on the small crumbs.

Recommended for: All Pets



Mary R – Buffalo, MN – Dogs: 5 Cats: 0

Name of Product: DNA dog food

2 Features: Seems like healthy stuff

2 Benefits: They liked it but……..

Con: Edges to rough, food to dry.

Review: They barfed up the beef multiple times, all 5 of them choked and gagged trying to swallow this food dry. Edges of food seemed rough, like it could potentially scratch throats. Tried soaking food and one still barfed it up. Not really enjoyable for either myself or my pups. I would not feed this at all just because of all the issues it caused and it wasn’t with just one dog, it caused issues with all 5 dogs.

Recommended for: Overweight Pet


 “Dogs did the ”Happy Dance” whenever I pulled the bag out”

Ginny N. -Plymouth, MN -Dogs: 2 Cats: 0

Name of Product: Dried N Alive Beef, chicken and venison

2 Features: No Grain, potato and other starch fillers

2 Benefits: Nice size of kibble, can also use as training treat

Con: High in protein and crude fat if you have dog that needs to watch weight

Review: As someone who usually uses a raw diet, I was impressed with all the natural ingredients used such as dried apples, peas, carrots, spinach, blueberries, and pumpkin. The dogs liked it dry but were more excited when rehydrated with warm water and more resembled raw. Nice variety of proteins to choose from with the chicken, beef and venison with salmon.

Recommended for : All pets


 “Love this food”

Matt M – St Paul, MN – Dogs: 1 Cats: 2

Name of Product: Dried –N- Alive

2 Features: No fillers and simple ingredients

2 Benefits: Dog loves it and he produces less poop to clean up

Con: To expensive for my budget, but the smaller bags are good for using as treats and reasonable price for that.

Review: I put this in my dogs toy that holds treats and it keeps him busy while I’m at work. This is a healthy treat and just the right size to put in his football.

The cats love this as well and I add a little water, as I know they need more moisture in their food.

Recommended for: All pets, Pet with allergies, Pet with digestive trouble, Overweight Pet, Senior, Finicky Eaters


“Love this food”

Dacia M – St Paul, MN -Dogs: 2 Cats: 1

Name of Product: Dried- N- Alive

2 Features: It’s a healthy food and grain free

2 Benefits: The dogs and cat liked their bowls clean

Con: This is way too expensive to feed on a daily bases. I’m more likely to buy the smaller bags an using as a treat and watch for sales and coupons.

Review: This is a great food. I can use it wet or dry for a variety. They don’t even mind when I also give it to them as a treat.

Recommended for: All pets , Pet with allergies, Pet with digestive trouble, Overweight Pet, Senior, Finicky Eaters


“Great Product”

August 27, 2013

Suzan H. – Saint Francis, MN – Dogs: 5 Cats: 1

Name of Product: Dried – N – Alive

2 Features: Nutritional Ingredients, Makes great training treats

2 Benefits: Easy to rehydrate for training treats. Our dogs love the taste.

Con: Expensive to feed other than as treats.
In some of the bags, the pieces are smashed in to a powder. I just top dress the regular food with the powder.


Great product! When I first received a free sample to try, I liked it so well that I continue to purchase more.

Recommended for: All dogs , Finicky Eaters


 “Not a Fan”

Katie P- Eagan, MN -Dogs: 1 Cats: 13

Name of Product: Dried N Alive cat food

2 Features: no fillers, next best thing to raw

2 Benefits: can be stored easily, real meat first ingredient

Con: Doesn’t look like the real food, it needs to look less processed.

Review: I feed 13 cats and I have to have 8 of them like something before I even consider buying it. The Dried N Alive got 5. It looks like wet gravel and doesn’t have much of a smell. Several of my cats took a sniff and walked away, they wouldn’t even try it. I did have a few that seemed to really like it, but not enough to say that this is something that I would recommend. Also, you need to let it sit and rehydrate and my cats don’t like me getting the food out and then having to wait to eat.

Recommended for: All Pets


“Love it!”

Julia H. – St. Paul, MN- Dogs: 1

Name of Product: Dried-N-Alive Dog Food

2 Features: Natural ingredients & Close to feeding raw

2 Benefits: Easy to feed & dog loves it

Con: Expensive for a big dog, but worth putting in the rotation or using as training treats.

Review: This is a great, easy way for your dog to get almost all of the benefits of a raw food diet without any hassle. The lamb version rehydrates a little faster than beef, but both are good to go within 10 minutes- a great time to train the dog to wait quietly on her bed to get a fantastic food reward! My dog also loved to eat this dry, so it worked really well for healthy, on-the-go training treats.

Recommended for: All Pets


“Love the high quality”

Nancy B. – Minneapolis, MN – Dogs: 4 Cats: 1

Name of Product: Dried-N-Alive

2 Features: Great ingredients & processing

2 Benefits: Even my very persnickety kitty likes it!

Con: none

Review: This is a fantastic product! I feed my dogs half raw & half processed food and this DNA food is an awesome choice for the processed part of the diet. And, truly, it has very little processing. I’m impressed with the list of ingredients and love that there are none sourced from China. I was quite pleased to see that my cat was willing to try it — it has been a journey to try and get her willing to accept healthier food — and this one she likes. I also like to use this as a high value reward for the dogs — they will do anything for one of these chunks!

Recommended for: All Pets


“Cleaned Bowls!”

Dawn F – Mpls, MN – Dogs: 5

Name of Product: Dried N Alive

2 Features: healthy ingredients & healthy formation

Con: none

Review: My dogs love the Dried N Alive foods. My picky girl has been gobbling it up and is finally putting on some weight. We are hooked.

Recommended for: All Pets


“Loved it!”

Katie P – Eagan, MN – Dogs: 1 ats: 12

Name of Product: Dried-N-Alive Dog Food

2 Features: compact packaging, no fillers

2 Benefits: my dog loved it, real meat as first ingredient

Con: More expensive than the wet food that I’m currently feeding, so will only feed once in a while as a treat

Review: My dog loved it. She would lick the bowl. I noticed that the Beef formula was her favorite, she was really excited about that one. The other formulas she liked, but I could tell that she wasn’t as excited. But I wish it could be rehydrated a little faster, since I always forget to start preparing her food 30 minutes in advance and that is how long it says the food takes to rehydrate.

Recommended for: All Pets


“Dogs Loved It”

Irene M – Duluth, MN Dogs: 2 Cats: 0

Name of Product: Dried N Alive

2 Features: Ingredients & convenience

2 Benefits: dogs loved it and didn’t want to wait for it absorb the water

Con: Too high in protein. I would need to use this only on lure coursing weekends for the added energy but is too high for normal use. Fat Whippets is not a pretty thing.

Review: I find it very easy to use but hard to tell exactly how much to give them to not over do it. It would take some time to adjust to the needs of my specific dogs.

Recommended for: Pet with allergies, Finicky Eaters


 “Loved it wet”

Betty P – Circle Pines MN -Dogs: 2 Cats: 1

Name of Product: DNA Cat Food

2 Features: Healthy ingredients & no odor

2 Benefits: Cat loved it wet & ate it all

Con: She did not eat it dry

Review: Wet, my cat inhaled it.

Recommended for: All Cats


“Loved it!”

Betty P – Circle Pines MN – Dogs: 2 Cats: 1

Name of Product: DNA Dog Food

2 Features: No order & easy to feed

2 Benefits: Dogs loved it! No after breath

Con: None

Review: My kids loved it! They run to the bowl when they heard the bag open

Recommended for: All Dogs


“Good Supplement”

Vickie L – St. Paul, MN 55104 – Cats: 12

Name of Product: Dried-N-Alive Cat Food

2 Features: Content with this added to soft food as a topping. Tasty.

2 Benefits: Kept them full between soft food feedings. No fillers.

Con: none

Review: Seemed to like all the Dried-N-Alive that I fed them and I think it made their soft food more tasty and appealing by putting this on top either dried or mixed with warm water then added to the top of the soft food. Sometimes put the dried in with the hard food.

Recommended for: All Cats



Wendy G. – Minneapolis. MN – Dogs: 2

Name of Product: Dried–N–Alive Dog Food

2 Features: Great ingredients and versatile!

2 Benefits: No added fillers and good ingredients.

Con: none

Review: This is a versatile product! I use it as a top dressing for my dogs.
I also use it as treats. This would be good for travelers and especially people that camp with their dogs as it is very light weight.
It doesn’t really break down when wet like other dehydrated products. Our dogs LOVE DNA!

Recommended for: All Dogs



Theresa D – Minneapolis, MN – Dogs: 4 Cats: 2

Name of Product: DNA Dried-N-Alive

2 Features: Excludes starch fillers, easier to use than raw fresh meat

2 Benefits: Felt better about food quality, didn’t feel need to add nutrients to their food, cat’s anal glands did not plug with this product

Con:  All the pets required less quantity of this food so I had to use a measuring cup. In particular, the cats never ate old food, and their food was too rich for the dogs so I had to toss it.
Also, in spite of the initial good results, the cats were less fond of the beef based product. This included all sorts of games, like adding homemade chicken broth, fish oil, or other meat broths. I simply had to not give them too much, significantly less than I would have thought they needed. In order to sufficiently moisten the food, I had to add a lot more water to that bowl. You might want to use a smaller bowl with an animal who has trouble holding their water.

Review: The dog with supposed food allergies didn’t have a negative reaction to any flavor.
This is the best weight reduction I’ve gotten in the fat cat, with the thinner one doing just fine. (they are fed in one bowl, twice per day .)
The cat with plugging anal glands didn’t have a problem the entire time – this was nice.
All their coats seem shinier and noticeably softer.

Recommended for: All dogs and cats


“No on fish flavors”

Carolyn P – Roseville, MN – Cats: 7

Name of Product: Dried-N-Alive Salmon & Liver formula

2 Features: Grain -free, no refrigerator/freezer necessary

2 Benefits: comparable to raw food, compact and easy to store

Con: Would have preferred a flavor without fish; prefer not to feed any fish flavored foods for multiple reasons. Don’t like the waiting period for rehydrating.

Review: I tried the fish flavor which caused diarrhea in one cat and therefore I stopped feeding cats the food. I also didn’t like the delay in feeding because the food had to be rehydrated. Using raw food is easier for me than using this food.

Recommended for: Overweight Pet



Peggy N – Afton, MN – Dogs: 2 Cats: 1

Name of Product: DNA Dog food

2 Features: Lots of protein; no grain

2 Benefits: Too early to tell about the coat but they loved it.

Con: May be too expensive to use as sole food.

Review: I threw it on top of Solid Gold kibble and both the senior bitch and young show dog went nuts! I have been told that this kind of food makes for a healthier dog but is too early for me to tell yet. I will try to ascertain if this is, indeed, true.

Recommended for: All dogs and cats


“Her favorite food!”

Diana N – Minneapolis, MN – Dogs: 1 Cats: 0

Name of Product: Dried-N-Alive Pet Food

2 Features: dried food & affordable

2 Benefits: our dog loved it & begged for the food

Con: none

Review: Our dog Daphne recently started taking anti-anxiety meds and totally lost her appetite. When we started giving her this food {mixed with some water} she *finally* started eating again. She waited by the food bowl and nudged us when it was time to eat.

She loved the food and her appetite is back!

Recommended for: All Dogs


“Great !!”

Becky D – Cottage Grove, MN -Dogs: 4

Name of Product: DNA Dog food

2 Features: grain free and healthy

2 Benefits: satisfying and great protein sources

Con: cost prohibitive

Review: My dogs will sell their souls for this! I fed it soaked per label, and after they ate they seemed so satiated.
All seem to shed less as well.

Recommended for: All Dogs


“Love this food”

Janine F – Maplewood, MN -Dogs: 1 Cats: 6

Name of Product: DNA turkey and rabbit, cat food

2 Features: grain free, limited ingredients

2 Benefits: cats loved the taste, made their coats shiny

Con: no cons

Review: if the cats could rank the 3 DNA formulas in order of favorite it would be this: salmon and liver #1, turkey and rabbit #2, and beef and tuna #3. They liked this food especially when mixed with the wet food, the black cats liked it dry; I think that this was a novel flavor for them (rabbit) and they still liked it.

Recommended for: All Cats


“Savored the food”

Janine F – Maplewood, MN Dogs: 1

Name of Product: DNA, chicken formula dog food

2 Features: grain free, all natural ingredients

2 Benefits: shiny coat, made her energetic

Con: fitting in adding water to busy schedule, could be prepared ahead of time

Review: Mitzy loved the taste and texture of the food. It dramatically decreased the amount of her stool, to once a day and very small. I took her for a 3 mile walk, and by the end she was barely slowing down; she is 7 years old! The vet said she didn’t look her age!

Recommended for: All Dogs


“Adds variety to my dog’s diet”

Amy H – Minneapolis, MN – Dogs: 1 Cats: 0

Name of Product: DNA Beef Formula

2 Features: All natural, healthy ingredients

2 Benefits: Solid nutrition and can be served wet or dry

Con: none

Review: My dog enjoyed having this sprinkled into his regular food. You can mix it with water to serve it wet, which most dogs enjoy- but it’s not smelly to store like canned food. I like that there is also the option to just serve it dry.

Recommended for : Overweight Pet, Finicky Eaters


“Well liked by all”

Barbara G – Mpls, MN -Dogs: 2

Name of Product: Dried-n-Alive dog food

2 Features: ingredients met standards of AAFCO–made in USA

2 Benefits: added to their normal dry was an incentive to eat well

Con: none

Review: This was the best product for both dogs that I have tried…I use it as an incentive for them to eat ”all” their food at one time…and it worked for one of the dogs. I do not know the cost, so I have not evaluated whether I would gradually switch to this. I did notice that their ”poop” was even firmer, which makes it easier to remove from the grass in the ”lovely” wet weather we have enjoyed of late. I also liked that it seemed to work dry and wet , which makes it easier for me.

Recommended for: All Dogs


“Good and Healthy”

Terri L – St. Paul MN – Cats: 2

Name of Product: DNA Cat Food Turkey and rabbit

2 Features: Easy to use, healthy ingredients

2 Benefits: cats love it, I rehydrate it in warm water. They get a warm meal. Cat like this better than frozen raw.

Con: none

Review: Pleased to find a dried raw food that my cats will eat. It is so easy to use.

Recommended for: All cats


“Not immediately a hit with my gang.”

Sandra I – Brooklyn Center, MN – Cats: 3

Name of Product: DNA Dried-N-Alive (Turkey & Rabbit/Beef & Tuna formulas)

2 Features: Small 6 oz package equals 1 lb. of raw food; no need to freeze as with most raw food.

2 Benefits: Mostly meat with other ”good” ingredients; a wonderful way to introduce raw food to the diet.

Con: The chunks were too chewy for my cats even after hydrating. I ended up grinding it up fine and adding to the canned food.

Review: Out of the 3 cats only 1 cat ate this stuff at first. (He eats anything). The other 2 cats tried it once and then refused to eat this at all. Tried mixing it in with canned food and they ate all around the chunks and the chunks were all that was left in their bowls. I finally tried grinding a tablespoon or so up and then added it to the wet food and now they all eat it. I would say this is kind of a pain even a good as this product is at least for my 2 fussy cats.

Recommended for: All cats


“FANTASTIC FOOD!!! EASY to prepare an Awesome Meal Quickly”

Mary F – Hastings, MN – Dogs: 11

Name of Product: Dried-N-Alive

2 Features: Close to RAW. No Fillers

2 Benefits: Small Stools and My Dogs LOVE this Product

Con: none. a Perfect food to add to my dogs diet

Review: I have small dogs from 3 to 16 lbs. My smaller ones had a bit of trouble with it dry as it was pretty hard for them. I found that covering it in warm water and just microwaving it really softened it up quickly. I fed it as a meal and as a topping to mix in to their dry food. My Dogs LOVE this food.

I have a 16 year old without teeth and he loved this hand fed to him! :)

Recommended for: All dogs


“Jury is Still Out”

Christi H – Minneapolis, MN  – Cats: two

Name of Product: Dried-N-Alive for Cats

2 Features: Raw Food-Nutritionally Viable Food and No Grain or Potato

2 Benefits: Improved Coats, Loved the Flavors

Con: Could not get the product to re-hydrate. Used warm, then tried hot, and then tried boiling water. Soaked for up to three hours and the product remained hard. Hard for them to chew up. I don’t have a solution for this problem.

Review: This is an excellent product as far as the quality of ingredients. The nutritional benefits of Dried-N-Alive food for cats is exceptional. I would like to make this their primary diet.

Recommended for: All cats


“Worth the wait”

Joan D – Minneapolis, MN – Dogs: 1

Name of Product: http://northlandnaturalpet.com/products/dried-n-alive-pet-food/

2 Features: Healthy ingredients, soft texture

2 Benefits: My dog loved the food and cleaned her bowl thoroughly

Con: My dog didn’t like to wait for the food to soften. More expensive than other food so would probably have to use as a supplement

Review: My dog loved this food! She waited impatiently for it to soften in water but after feeding for a few days I realized it didn’t need to sit as long as recommended. This food was an added treat for her and I was sorry when it was gone. I would like to try it for a longer period to see how it managed her weight and what long term benefits may be realized.

Recommended for: Pet with allergies, Pet with digestive trouble, Finicky Eaters



Shawn X  – Ramsey, MN- Dogs: 3

Web URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-JpMCQr3ls

Name of Product: Dried-N-Alive Dog Food

2 Features: Super easy to use, very high quality

2 Benefits: dogs go crazy for it and they are filled with excitement, makes me feel very good to feed this to them

Con: none

Review: I cannot tell you how much The Herd loves this product. They look forward to it each night for dinner. They love it. I also feel very good giving them this. It is very easy to prepare and give them with their regular dry food. We are totally sold on this and will continue to give them this each night.

Recommended for: All Dogs


“Loved By Our 9-year-old Dog”

Crystal H – Minneapolis, MN – Dogs: 1

Name of Product: Dried-N-Alive Dog Food

2 Features: Minimally Processed, Healthy Ingredients

2 Benefits: Excited for Meal Time, Playful Energy

Con: A little extra time to rehydrate.

Review: When we started to mix in Dried-N-Alive food to our 9-year-old dog’s mealtime she started to practically knock the food out of our hands before getting a chance to add it to her dish. She gets really excited for mealtime with this food and has been very energized and playful lately. We like the healthy ingredients but haven’t yet determined which flavor we like best. We also have only served dry as we don’t typically get a chance to prepare meals in advance.

Recommended for: All Dogs


“Curious at first but came to enjoy it mixed with canned food very much!”

Laura J. – Forest Lake, MN- Dogs: 5 Cats: 9

Name of Product: Dried and Alive Pet Food

2 Features: No Grains, no pathogens

2 Benefits: their coats appear healthier, they enjoy the flavor.

Con: It seemed to take longer to soften the food.

Review: Our cats really enjoyed this product. The kittens seemed to enjoy it more than adults. The kittens are foster kittens who didn’t have much to live on when stray so this is a real treat!

Recommended for: All cats


“Balanced Nutrition”

Barbara G. – Minneapolis, MN – Dogs: 2 Cats: 1

Name of Product: Dried-N-Alive

2 Features: No starch fillers, ultimate dried food

2 Benefits: Makes coat shiny, Healthy and preserves well

Con: none

Review: It’s a good food to have on hand for back up, or for regular meals. I used it in addition to their regular kibble, and they enjoy the taste. I like the fact that it stores well, and is healthy.

Recommended for: Pet with allergies, Senior, Finicky Eaters


“Hearty Stew For Your Dog!”

Dominic B – Mendota Heights, MN – Dogs: 1 Cats: 0

Name of Product: Dried-N-Alive Dog Food

2 Features: healthy ingredients, high meat content

2 Benefits: dog goes crazy for food & makes her drink less later

Con: More expensive than other foods, longer wait times to rehydrate leads to a doggie coup, so mixing in typical kibble has allowed it to last longer and the food can be served dry as well.

Review: Dog enjoyed immensely, turned into a pile of drool waiting for the food to rehydrate. The serving size was not super clear but overall I would buy to help supplement the diet. A little expensive but would get again.

Recommended for: All Dogs


“Yummy Yummy Yummy”

Marie M – Minneapolis, MN – Dogs: 2 Cats: 0

Name of Product: Dried-N-Alive

2 Features: Great ingredients & works for all stages of life

2 Benefits: enjoyed the taste & eager to eat

Con: none

Review: My dogs loved it! They would lick every last bit from the bowl and were eating it so fast I switched to putting it in their kongs with some sweet potatoes and other veggies.

Recommended for: All Pets