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Nandi is a treat, chew & bone line featuring uniquely African proteins. Their name is derived from the word mnandi which is “delicious” in isiZulu, the language of the Zulu people of South Africa. Nandi really does live up to their namesake and their products are proof of this! Nandi is also 100% committed to quality and sustainability across their entire business and brand.

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Brand Highlights

Nandi is made up of a team of animal-loving social entrepreneurs who focus on sustainability in every aspect of their business. They only partner with farmers who share their commitment to animal welfare and sustainable food systems. Nandi also focuses on giving back to the South African community. They chose to minimize automation in their factory in order to supply the community with jobs. They focus on skills training so their factory workers can use Nandi as a tool to access higher education and better-paying jobs in the future.

Product Highlights

All of Nandi’s products are 100% indigenous, natural, and delicious. They use proteins unique to Africa such as Ostrich and Nguni Beef. These unique proteins are great for dogs with allergies. All of Nandi’s ingredients are considered human-grade and are made in their world-class South African kitchen.

Product Lines


Nandi Freeze-Dried Treats:

These treats are single-ingredient and made up of 100% organ meat. They are available in 4 African sourced proteins – Ostrich, Venison, Beef, & Lamb.

Group Sprinkles

Nandi Freeze-Dried Meat Sprinkles:

Nandi Freeze-Dried Sprinkles are made just like their freeze-dried treats but in sprinkle form! These meat sprinkles are a great way to add a boost of natural flavor and nutrition to your dog’s diet. They are available in Ostrich and Venison proteins.

Group Jerky

Nandi Jerky Strips:

Nandi Jerky Strips are made using all-natural ingredients in Nandi’s South African world-class kitchen.  These are available in Ostrich, Venison, Beef, & Lamb varieties.

Group Chews

Nandi Chews:

Nandi Chews are great functional treats. They help eliminate bad breath and improve dental health. These are available in Ostrich, Beef Pizzle & Beef Tendon.

Group Bones

Nandi Bones:

Nandi’s Bones are marinated, slow-dried & smoked with natural hardwoods. Nandi has a unique process that allows them to preserve the marrow inside each bone for added nutrients and flavor! These are available in Ostrich, Beef, Venison, & Antelope.


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